Photo Challenge: Transient

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How ironic this was the photo challenge

We just said goodbye (Saturday) to my 24 year old son.  He packed up his car and is driving across country to California to live, not knowing anyone there, not knowing what to excpect when he arrives.  He is following his dream of wanting to make movies

He has a few screenplays he’s written under his belt, a car full of his clothes etc and a shared apartment he’s renting with people he hasn’t even met yet waiting for him when he gets there, Talk about a gutsy move!

He’s going to be transient for a week or more, moving from city to city, stopping off a few places along the way in scorching summer temperatures

I couldn’t even be sad he was leaving, because I am so happy he’s doing what he’s always wanted to do

He’ll be seeing different towns, interacting with and meeting lots of new people

The last memory of him leaving was me giving him a hug, and because he is so tall, my head was on his chest, I could hear his heart was beating fast, it’s the last thing I will remember

Tonight I went to the kitchen to make myself a salad, there was no light under his door, it was completely dark, but instead of being sad, it made me smile, he’s really doing this!

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