30 Photo Challenges #2


Wishing Weed

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The Road Taken

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It doesn’t really matter WHERE you find yourself going in this life, as long as you go Somewhere, DO something, take action

The Road Taken

There is no sadder thing in Life,
than being stuck in the same place 
for the remainder of it

              -KDuff ©2017

A Crazy Good Match!

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A Good Match

Sometimes mistakes make the best culinary flavors

I was on vacation at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water.  My food arrived and one of the side items was mashed potato

I was drinking Diet Coke and like Lemon in my drink sometimes

As i was squeezing my lemon juice into my glass, the lemon spurted all over my mashed potato, totally missing the glass.  I thought it was ruined, I tasted the mashed potato on the edge of my fork expecting it to be sour and unpleasant, to my surprise, it tasted awesome! I mixed the lemon juice in with the mashed potato and asked for more lemons, I squeezed more juice over the mashed potato and folded it in, it was delicious!

At thanksgiving, I added lemon juice and everyone raved over the mashed potatoes and wanted to know what I had done to them

I always knew a squeeze of lemon juice on pasta elevated the taste of alfredo, scampi, white wine sauce etc, but who would have thought mashed potato goes so well with lemon juice?



Psychology of Color: Green


Green is one of those colors you usually love it or hate it.  Green is all around us in nature, in plants, trees, food and foliage

Because green is associated with nature, it is said to be the color to feed the soul

Those who favor green don’t like chaos and disharmony, they want consistency and balance in their lives

They are organized and disciplined, business savvy and prioritize their time.  They are well respected, community leaders and provide clarity

The color green brings balance between the head and the heart. It is the color of rebirth, restoring depleted energy.  Green plants around your house can have the same effect, restoring harmony and rejuvenating your home

Because green is a soothing, calming color, it is often used in waiting rooms as a means to distress clients and patients, performers and entertainers

Green gives the ability to nurture and love and create peace in the midst of noise and drama

Green combines the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue

Green promotes prosperity and abundance, finance and material wealth

When used in business and marketing, green promotes generosity, kindness and loyalty with a high moral sense and encourages a sense of community

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It IS Easy Being Green!

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