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Everything is Possible

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30 Photo Challenges


My Wake Up Call

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via Daily Prompt: Baby

You were my wake up call

had to get up early

to paint the museum

three years hoping, trying

waiting for you

In your own sweet time

you were in no rush

to make your presence felt

God has a sense of humor

that’s for sure

I’m up, I’m awake

Nine months and two days late

a trip to the Hardware store

Everything was ready

Nurse wouldn’t believe me

you were coming

“plenty of time, dear”

wrong again

no one listens

why won’t anyone believe me?

you couldn’t wait

a moment longer

“here I am”

Good thing she can catch

“you really weren’t kidding, were you”

Now will you listen to me?

Blonde hair

blue eyes

here we go…

The most excited brother in the world

protected your every move

so kind

so gentle

Climbing as soon as you knew you how

always trying to get ‘out’

The messier

the better

You didn’t care

you thought it was funny

painting your face

with an icecream cone

Cute, smart alec, the noisy one

always demanding attention

show off of the two

The first time you felt the sand

it was ‘squishy” between your toes

Icicles were mesmerizing,

cold and


You loved chasing “sqrills”

riding your first bike

You were Loud and messy

that hasn’t changed

Demanding, exhausting,

quiet and enduring

Still making your presence felt

wanting to “right” what’s wrong with the world

You might just be the one to do it

You have the tenacity, the gumption

the sheer sass to succeed

to be ‘somebody’

who’s going to make a difference

Off to college in a few short months

I can’t even…

Where did the time go?

How did we get here

this fast?



via Daily Prompt: Juicy

‘Juicy’ is one of those odd words like ‘moist’ or ‘succulent’ that makes me cringe a little… it sounds disgusting even though it’s not.  It conjures up images of late night comics or SNL skits

“Juicy Gossip” is usually lurid and scandalous, ‘juicy returns’ on investments promise a lucrative profit, yet it is funny to me that we associate the word ‘Juicy’ to these terms and phrases, I just don’t like the word unless you are describing citrus fruit containing a lot of juice…and even then, not a word I would use

For fun I looked up the word ‘Juicy’ in the dictionary and the examples they gave were:

  1. The meat is tender and juicy.

  2. a juicy bit of news

  3. I want to know all the juicy details.

  4. She sued her former boss and won a juicy settlement in court

I just don’t talk like that, nor do I hang around anyone who uses that word in their vocabulary

I guess to me (& my immature mind maybe) it has sexual innuendo

It depends who you hang around and how you were brought up, it is not something I would say to anyone, or ever use to describe anything

Good for a laugh, not so much for serious conversation

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