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Provided you are well dressed, well mannered and not drunk or obnoxious, you don’t have to be booked into luxury hotels to be able to enjoy their amenities

If there are no major events on in town and it’s not peak holiday season, you can enjoy all the things local luxury hotels have to offer just about year round


  1. Enjoy Hotel Amenities

You can quite often drink at the bar, dine at their restaurants, listen to live music and even book a day at the spa, even if you are not staying at the hotel

It’s a great way to pamper yourself without the accommodation costs of travelling and you are supporting the local economy

2. Buffets

Big chain hotels often have breakfast brunches and buffets that offer great value for money

Making a reservation is recommended

On Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas, they offer upgraded buffets for lunch, book early as these tend to fill up fast

Casino buffets are also great value

3. Shows & Concerts

You can often get discounts to shows and concerts by buying at the box office or ticket booth on the day of the event

4. After Dinner

You can get dessert and a coffee at ‘hard to get into’ high end hotel restaurants if you go after the dinner rush

5. Late Lunch / Early Dinner

If you eat after the lunch rush and before dinner, around 3pm you will get lunch time prices and get in and out before the 4pm dinner rush

6. Happy Hour

Most Hotel Bars have Happy-Hour prices on drinks &/or  appetizers

7. Valet Parking

Valet parking (for a fee) is often available if you are dining at the restaurant or attending a show – save yourself the hassle of finding parking on the weekends

If there is an event on in town or the hotel is booked out, they may not accommodate your request

You should be fine during less busy times of the year

8. Discount Websites

Discount websites like can save you money on Hotel Restaurants

9. Living Social

As well as discounts of up to 80% off local services and attractions, have a restaurant program at (  if you link your credit card and use it at one of their participating restaurants you will receive up to 30% cash back on your next credit card statement

Try to buy any restaurant e-cards a few days before you are planning to go to the Restaurant as some may take up to 48 hours to be sent to your email inbox, most arrive within an hour of purchasing them

10. Free Entertainment

Some hotel chains offer free live music in the bar or bistro, great for a night out

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Save Money on Accommodation


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How would you like to save

60% off Hotels

If you are paying full price for hotels, staying with Airbnb’s, or booking through Travel Agents and Hotel websites, you are paying too much for your Accommodation

There are better ways to save money on a room you are probably only going to shower and sleep in for a few hours a day

And you can get much nicer rooms than your basic 3 star hotel room, for 60% less

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not when you know where to look

I have used many other travel, discount & hotel websites and this is now my preferred option:


If you purchase a Hot Rate ® Hotel or Hot Rate ® Car rental,  you will get awesome deals on hotels and car rentals

The savings are real

No gimmicks, no tricks, just good old-fashioned savings


What is a Hot Rate ® Hotel or Hot Rate ® Car rental ?

What this means is that the name of the hotel or rental car company is not revealed until after you book and pay for it. You can get rental cars from $11.95/day and 60% off hotels, seriously!

It is a great deal.  I have personally used it several times.  You basically are paying a 3-star price for a 4-star hotel.  All the 4-star hotels are reputable companies.  But you don’t find out until after you purchase the room, which hotel you are staying at.  They tell you immediately afterwards as soon as it is paid for by email where you will be staying

When you book you can use the interactive map to choose which location or part of town you want to stay in, you can choose the hotel star rating as well – 4 stars, 3 stars etc, you can even choose how much money you want to spend on a room per night

It will show you your best options, you choose which option you want to purchase and pay for it

You then receive a confirmation email saying where you will be staying

So far the hotels we have been allocated have been top brands like the Hilton in Washington & Memphis, and Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville

They have other top Brands like Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Omni, Sheraton, Marriott, The Renaissance, plus many others

These rooms usually set you back hundreds of dollars a night, you are paying less than half price

When we only needed a quick, 3 star overnight room for one night, we got

HOLIDAY INN – HUNTSVILLE DOWNTOWN – hey, if it’s good enough for Elvis, it’s good enough for me

BEST WESTERN PLUS Tupelo Inn & Suites – the staff here were super friendly and helpful

I actually did my homework first. The rates they were offering were better than booking directly through the hotel website

They can do this because they purchase blocks of rooms from the hotel chains at a heavily discounted rate and pass the savings on to you

My Hotwire TIPS:

  • Stick to 3-Star properties and above
  • Stick to recommendations that are 80% and above
  • Use Google Maps to see which hotels are located near where you want to stay to guesstimate which hotel you’ll receive

If you are driving your own car, stay a little bit away from popular tourist spots, you can usually get a better deal and see more of the city


I have booked through other websites and this has been my best experience to date

I have not had a bad experience

Right now they are running a promotion until the end of June 2017



If you think you can’t afford a vacation, or think you are too broke, to save, think again

Much safer than staying with strangers in an Airbnb, more luxurious than cheaper hotels at the same price, more money to spend on your holiday and a much nicer room to relax in after a long day of sightseeing

I do not recommend any programs, sales or businesses unless they are the real deal and reputable, and going to save you a bunch of money, I hate spam as much as anyone

I have used them several times and each time we had a great room in the location we wanted to be in

You can really save a heap of money and that’s what I strive to do on my blog, pass on ways to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket


*Affiliate links and non-affilliate links have been used in this post to bring you quality information   Links used in this blog post are with the sole intention of saving you money on accommodation. I may or may not receive a small referral fee if you purchase any product or service using a link in this post

Travel Guide: Memphis, TN



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If you haven’t seen Graceland yet, it’s a Bucket List destination, but what you really need to do, to get the whole entire experience, is visit Tupelo, Mississippi  first, Elvis Birthplace

It will give you so much more depth to where he came from and how his career started

Graceland is great on it’s own, but Tupelo really tells the whole story with so much more clarity

There are a couple of other things to see while you are in Memphis like:

Sun Studio where Elvis cut his first record

Beale Street that he loved  so much, Jazz, Restaurants & Bars…(wear comfy shoes, pedestrian access only)

the Arcade Restaurant Elvis used to frequent, it’s still in business and you can sit in his favorite booth.

Hotel Lorraine where Martin Luther King was Assassinated is near the Arcade Restaurant

Memphis is a town with a lot of History

It’s funny because since I was 13 I’ve always wanted to see Graceland and Memphis, but after seeing Tupelo, Memphis didn’t impress me as much as Tupelo did

The town had a whole different energy and feel to it


It was cool seeing the living room where photo’s of Elvis were taken on the white sofa, and the famous jungle room where he recorded songs and of course his gravestone


Pre-purchase the VIP ticket package online before you go, it’s well worth the extra $

You get to jump ahead of the line – the day we were there, there were bus loads of people waiting to get in

It includes access on the tour to extra exhibitions and things regular ticket holders do not get to see

GET THERE AS SOON AS THEY OPEN (9:00 am) for the best parking & also you will be there first around lunch time when the diners get busy, you can get in and out before the crowds

It’s a LONG day to see everything, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES

TIP: Check the online calendar, they have Boy Scout days and other large group days you will want to avoid for the sheer number of extra kids running around

Elvis Week, Elvis Birthday Week & Christmas Celebration Week, you will want to book your tickets and accommodations well in advance as bookings sell out fast – months ahead for these events

Shopping at Graceland:

The T-Shirts are sooo comfortable, I really wish I had bought two of each – I wear mine all the time and they are still going strong 4 years later – The designs change frequently, so if you see  one you like, buy two, because you will want the second one and won’t be able to find it online later

While in Tennessee:

417 Union – Breakfast Brunch – the Salmon Lox Bagel was awesome !!! Loved this place, had a good feel to it, friendly staff – Parking in the city was a bit of a pain

Jack Daniel Distillery

Grand Ole Opry

First Saturday Art Crawl

Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum

RCA Studio B  – Where Elvis recorded 200 songs

You seriously want to avoid going in the Summer months if you can, it is waaay too hot and humid, people underestimate just how hot it gets in the South in Summer


Travel Tip:

If you want ideas on how to Save money and even earn cash back on Travel, see our post here

Save up to 60% off 4+ Star Hot Rate® Hotels!

*Affiliate link used in this post to help save you money on accommodation if you need it

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