Pop Art Inspired

Art 1

“Thirsty” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Art 2

“Daniel – I” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Art 3

“Lunchtime Visitor” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Art 6

“Wannabe Sunflower” ©2017 KDartStudio

These are from my latest Pop Art Inspired Series

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10 Home Decor Trends This Year

2b2s Trending.png

I love Pinterest, I could literally spend a week on there and never get bored or should I say board?…nope, maybe not…

With over 175 Million Subscribers, Pinterest has been able to Identify some of the hottest Trending Fads for 2017, who am I to argue?

So far this year, these have been the most Searched, Pinned & Shared items on Pinterest

(Anyone in Marketing should be taking Notes)

These are all great tips for those on a Budget (or who don’t have enough money for a Home Décor Budget) that are easy enough to implement yourself and don’t require a tradesman to do it



1. Removable Wallpaper

Believe it or not, searches, posts & Pins are up 344% for Removable Wallpaper

I guess it makes sense, there is no large investment involved, it’s interchangeable, if you don’t like the look you can change it, you could have a new look every season, month or week if you wanted to.  Great for Renting, easily removed without wear and tear and effort involved in painting.  You can do a whole wall or room, or line a shelf or drawer


2. The No closet, Closet

Great for small spaces. Displaying your favorite pieces over a  DIY ladder wardrobe or clothing rack solves storage issues and is functional


3. Off Season Storage

Multi purpose, includes items like travel trunks that can double as statement pieces, baskets and DIY Storage Ottomans


4. Shower Plants

Wow, a blast back to the 70’s or what? Always makes me laugh that ‘the next generation’ seem to bring back things from our generation as if they just discovered them

I remember the Ferns hanging in the bathroom

Plants do help clean the air and eliminate bacteria, and they are pretty low maintenance, so I guess it makes sense. They are a cheap, quick way to brighten up a dingy area of the house, they look nice for guests and create a soothing environment to relax in the tub


5. Round Mirrors

Great for decorating and adding your personal touch to, they look good as far as home décor goes

Great for crafters and home decorators


6. Terracotta Accessories

Apparently inspired by warm runway fashion trends

I do like terracotta outside for landscaping and patios, you can brighten them up with spring flowers, fresh tomato plants, fruit trees or green plants…not sure it’s my ideal hue for inside the home, but each to their own


7.  Fashion Accessories as Wall Decor

I must admit, back in the 90’s I hung a sunhat on the bedroom wall alongside many other odd things… it’s a cheap way to decorate and functional, you just have to hang stuff up when you get home, no more searching for things in overcrowded closets

They work as statement pieces and make use of available wall space that would otherwise go to waste


8. Verticle Bar Cart

So here we are basically talking about making a mini bar out of shelving

You could use cheap bookshelves / bookstands, trolleys, DIY up-cycled cupboards

Cheap on the wallet, high on the impression, great entertainment value with friends & family


9. Legs & Knobs

For furniture that is

You can easily convert cheaper furniture into statement pieces with ornate legs

Same with cupboards & drawers


10. Compost Bins

DIY Compost Bins are easy enough to make, don’t require many tools, great for the environment, not to mention your plants & vegies




For more great ideas, follow our Home Décor Pinterest Board

Home Decor

Metal Art Prints

Metal Art2.png
These were done using a combination of my Photography & Digital Art
I am making them available as Metal Art Prints in my Art Store on Zazzle
Some i like better than others,
but I think they’d make great Wall Art for a downtown Loft Apartment
or on an exposed brick wall inside an old building
The metallic elements in the pictures should show up well on Metal Art Prints
It’s something different, not for everyone
but I am always looking for new techniques and processes
that aren’t run of the mill chain store art
I always buy Artisan Art & Craft for friends and family for presents
and I think these would appeal to people who are sick of boring art
I love that you can customize the size to fit your wall space
 There’s about 20 of them I have just listed in my Art Store
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