10 Steps to Happiness



1. Speak Positively

You will never be Happy if you speak negatively about yourself and others all the time

We get into a habit of doing it

Changing this one thing, will bring more positivity into your life

People will want to be around you more, new opportunities will open up to you

You will learn to appreciate the good in people and things around you and more importantly, appreciate your good qualities rather than fixating on the bad

If you can’t find one good thing about yourself or your situation, you need to think of ten more



2. Look Forward

What happens if you look behind you when you are walking? You can’t see where you are going for one, you may crash into something, trip & fall,  or endanger yourself

Life is the same, if you keep looking in the past, you won’t ever be able to see the future and all the good things that are ahead of you

Leave the past where it belongs, it’s done. No matter how much you worry about it, you can’t change it

Start looking forward and you will see good things and opportunities heading your way



3. Open your mind

If you put a limit on yourself and what you believe you can achieve, that’s all you will achieve

If you open your mind and start to believe that anything is possible, everything will be possible



4. Compliment Others

Instead of complaining about everyone and everything that is going wrong, try complimenting others

When it is done sincerely, it not only lifts the other person’s spirits, but your own as well

You shift negative energy into positive and what you put out into the world,  comes back to you



5. Accept Responsibility

Stop blaming others. Start accepting your part in the equation.  Accept responsibility for things you have done or said

It goes a long way toward others respecting you and self healing



6. Embrace Change

Change isn’t easy.  We get into our comfort zone, whatever that may be.  Sometimes negativity is our normal.  Change takes courage.  You are stepping outside what makes you comfortable.  But if you don’t embrace change, you will stay stuck right where you are, nothing will ever change,  and you will never grow



7. Impress Yourself

Instead of trying to impress everyone else around you, impress yourself

Become the person you want others to see you as

When you impress others, they don’t really care as much about you as you want them to, it is fleeting, it doesn’t last

When you seek to impress yourself, you can be proud of your achievements all the time, that feeling of accomplishment is with you always



8. Approve of Yourself

Stop seeking external approval from others, and start approving yourself.  If you don’t  like yourself, you can’t expect others to like you or approve of you

When you learn to appreciate the amazing person you are, you don’t need approval from others



 9.Learn from Mistakes

Don’t beat yourself up so much if you make mistakes.  If you didn’t make any mistakes, you wouldn’t be able to learn from them and grow as a person



10. Take the High Road

Don’t be in a rush to always be right all the time.  No one ever is.  Being right isn’t worth losing friends and family over.  Agree to disagree, respect others have opinions that are not the same as yours and move on

People are only going to see a situation from their perspective and maturity level.  Once you come to this realization, you learn that they won’t understand what you understand, or perceive things the same way as you do

IDO: Happiness


Happiness is an inside job, you will never find it externally

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