Hidden Figures Movie

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A film based on the true story of Katherine Goble Johnson, a NASA mathematician, Dorothy Vaughan, NASA mathematician &  Mary Jackson, NASA engineer who were an integral part of the operations involving the Friendship 7 NASA space mission in which John Glenn orbited the Earth three times in the early 1960’s

The movie not only deals with the segregation issues these three brilliant African American women faced but also the issue of sexism in the workplace.

As I watched the movie, I wondered if we have really advanced as much as you would think a democratic nation would be in 2017, especially considering this took place some 54 years ago….

I was disappointed that not very much has changed in terms of Equal Employment and pay for women in America, I just don’t see it.  I still see far too many cases of women earning less than men for doing the same, if not more work as their male co-workers

There are still to this day some private businesses and franchises who have zero women Managers or Executives on their staff and I wonder why that is.  It certainly isn’t that there are not qualified women to fill the positions. I had the misfortune of applying for a job with one such company (who will remain nameless, they deserve no promotion or recognition from me), despite having a 20-year work history, excellent references and 5 years management experience in the field I was applying for.  The manager liked me, was willing to hire me there and then, the Area manager told me and I quote to “go home and look after your children”….?   I could have reported him or sued his butt, not just for his comment, but for asking if I was married and had kids in the first place, but I am not vindictive, it is his loss and I have great faith Lady Karma will take care of him

This ridiculous nonsense needs to stop and does not exist in similar countries like Australia or in the UK, so why does it still happen here?

The backward thinking needs to change, there are many many brilliant minds out there and hard workers who are not being given opportunities they are qualified for because of their gender, race or ethnicity

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