Psychology of Color: Purple

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Purple is one of my favorite colors.  There is a store I discovered while travelling in South Carolina called Purpleologist and everything in the entire store was purple, it was stunning and amazing, I felt like I was “home’


Did you know that your favorite color has certain psychological tendencies associated with it?

The color purple has been associated with Royalty and Nobility for centuries

People who favor the color purple, tend to have great intuition and are a great judge of character.

They tend to be a “people magnet”, they are very approachable and have good charisma.

They often have an innovative spirit and are the visionaries of the world.

They are extremely creative and organize themselves and others well.

They are unique and imaginative and seldom fit in to ‘the norm’ or ‘inside the box’.  They are open-minded and accepting of others and new ideas.

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Silence hurts…


10 Steps to Happiness



1. Speak Positively

You will never be Happy if you speak negatively about yourself and others all the time

We get into a habit of doing it

Changing this one thing, will bring more positivity into your life

People will want to be around you more, new opportunities will open up to you

You will learn to appreciate the good in people and things around you and more importantly, appreciate your good qualities rather than fixating on the bad

If you can’t find one good thing about yourself or your situation, you need to think of ten more



2. Look Forward

What happens if you look behind you when you are walking? You can’t see where you are going for one, you may crash into something, trip & fall,  or endanger yourself

Life is the same, if you keep looking in the past, you won’t ever be able to see the future and all the good things that are ahead of you

Leave the past where it belongs, it’s done. No matter how much you worry about it, you can’t change it

Start looking forward and you will see good things and opportunities heading your way



3. Open your mind

If you put a limit on yourself and what you believe you can achieve, that’s all you will achieve

If you open your mind and start to believe that anything is possible, everything will be possible



4. Compliment Others

Instead of complaining about everyone and everything that is going wrong, try complimenting others

When it is done sincerely, it not only lifts the other person’s spirits, but your own as well

You shift negative energy into positive and what you put out into the world,  comes back to you



5. Accept Responsibility

Stop blaming others. Start accepting your part in the equation.  Accept responsibility for things you have done or said

It goes a long way toward others respecting you and self healing



6. Embrace Change

Change isn’t easy.  We get into our comfort zone, whatever that may be.  Sometimes negativity is our normal.  Change takes courage.  You are stepping outside what makes you comfortable.  But if you don’t embrace change, you will stay stuck right where you are, nothing will ever change,  and you will never grow



7. Impress Yourself

Instead of trying to impress everyone else around you, impress yourself

Become the person you want others to see you as

When you impress others, they don’t really care as much about you as you want them to, it is fleeting, it doesn’t last

When you seek to impress yourself, you can be proud of your achievements all the time, that feeling of accomplishment is with you always



8. Approve of Yourself

Stop seeking external approval from others, and start approving yourself.  If you don’t  like yourself, you can’t expect others to like you or approve of you

When you learn to appreciate the amazing person you are, you don’t need approval from others



 9.Learn from Mistakes

Don’t beat yourself up so much if you make mistakes.  If you didn’t make any mistakes, you wouldn’t be able to learn from them and grow as a person



10. Take the High Road

Don’t be in a rush to always be right all the time.  No one ever is.  Being right isn’t worth losing friends and family over.  Agree to disagree, respect others have opinions that are not the same as yours and move on

People are only going to see a situation from their perspective and maturity level.  Once you come to this realization, you learn that they won’t understand what you understand, or perceive things the same way as you do

IDO: Happiness


Happiness is an inside job, you will never find it externally



When we Ruminate,  we obsess over a thought, a problem, a tragic event or life trauma and regurgitate it over and over again often with a fixation of the problem or event, rather than being able to focus on a positive outcome or solution

We fall into an emotional pit that is often hard to climb out of

When we fixate on the one thing, we are unable to see past it which can often lead to depression, post traumatic stress and other debilitating illnesses

It is not good to constantly dwell on problems, those who ruminate often see the glass as always being half empty, while all those cheery people around us who don’t seem to understand our plight, always see the glass as being half full

Both in essence maybe missing the point, the glass is refillable

When you adopt a negative ‘why me’ attitude it can be hard to ever break free from the emotional chains that bind you and most often we are the very ones locking ourselves off from the world around us

One thing I have learned over many years of heartache and misfortune, is that you have to help yourself…no one can fix your problems for you and stewing over them over and over again is a waste of time and energy, it wears you down physically and mentally

Many become prisoners of their own mindset, but what they don’t realize is they hold the key to their emotional freedom

When you see the big picture, that in 50 or a hundred years, none of what you are going through now is really going to matter very much to anyone, you realize whatever you are experiencing is a temporary drop in the ocean

Why waste precious time being suck in the past?  You can’t change the past, you can only change how you react to it

You can choose to let it beat you or choose to do something positive and constructive toward moving on from it

I am not saying don’t feel sad, angry, mad…in their own time and place they are normal healthy reactions.  It is healthy to grieve for someone we love or be heartbroken if we experience life events or trauma, but it is not healthy to refuse to budge from that state or place in our lives

I am a big believer in most things happening for a reason, even though we can’t see it at the time

There is usually a lesson we need to learn from the experience we are going through, maybe that lesson is to realize your own strength and resilience, maybe it’s to empower you to help others, maybe it’s to teach you perseverance or patience or self-love or forgiveness

I have also learned and truly believe we have the answer inside of us to whatever problem or dilemma we are facing, sometimes we are not looking deep enough or in the right direction to find the soul-searching answers we so desperately seek externally

Talking with friends / family is a start,or a health professional if you need to, there is no shame in saying you need help with something

When I get so overwhelmed now and stressed out so much I feel like I can’t breathe, sometimes I delegate and give it to God to deal with.  I know people have varying religions and some don’t believe in God at all, I just know that I can’t carry the burden any longer and usually if I surrender it, my load lifted just became a whole lot lighter and easier to deal with.  Sometimes I have had situations where I just say “I can’t”… deal with it….obsess over it….and it’s ok to acknowledge that too

When I have passed things ‘upstairs’, surprisingly enough, things seem to fall into place

I just know I personally cannot carry the load one day, one hour, one moment longer



Psychology of Color: Pink



Pink is associated with romance and femininity, compassion and love

People who favor the color pink are often compassionate and nurturing and excited for others success.  They are generally easygoing and approachable, kind and sociable.  They are smart and witty, have a good sense of humor, are peaceful, calm and harmonious

Being a combination of red and white, those who love pink have the driven action to succeed of red and the insight of white. The white element calms down the fiery passionate red element, which creates gentle loving energy

Pink is intuitive and insightful, tender and kind and shows empathy and sensitivity

Pink is a symbol of hope and carries a sense that everything will work out

It is a calming and reassuring, non-threatening color.  It often seeks recognition, thanks and appreciation, respect and admiration

Pink can symbolize health and innocence

Pink is used in many charities as a major component of their marketing program to relay a sense of caring and compassion, warmth and hope

Beauty salons, fashion businesses and cosmeticians all use pink to entice women to use their products

Candy stores often use pink to entice children to buy sweets as the color relates to childhood innocence



Psychology of Color: Black




Black is sometimes given a bad wrap and has a lot of negativity associated with it because it represents the mysterious, hidden, aggressive side of life.  It has been associated with death, depression, black cats, witchcraft and dark mood disorders.  Yet this is not the only characteristic of the color Black

In the right context Black can also be representative of  dignity, elegance and sophistication, such as in the case of formal wear “the little black dress” , “black tie” events

People who favor black see themselves as conventional, conservative and serious

It represents protection and confidence, control and dominance, affluence and success.

It is sometimes submissive which is why clergy, chauffeurs, butlers and housemaids wear it

Used correctly it can invoke intrigue and mystery

It can be a sign of being strong-willed, independent, disciplined, confident and in charge

Teenagers dressed all in black often symbolize the end of their childhood and the need to take control of their life. They are often secretive and keep their emotions hidden from the world. It is a form of self protection keeping a barrier between themselves and the outside world, hiding their vulnerabilities, insecurities or lack of confidence

Black can made a room look more confined, it should never be used in a small room

A lot of salesmen used to wear black to invoke fear and intimidation, yet those who do, seldom have a lot of friends as they can be seen to be too ruthless, unfriendly and unapproachable.  It can create fear and because of this element, doesn’t promote good communication with others

I don’t know about you, but I am not about to buy anything from someone who feels threatening or intimidating to me…lol

Some people say you should carry something black with you for protection if you are travelling or away from home to keep you safe from harm

In fashion, art and photography, black can be quite dramatic and draw you in because it is so intriguing

Black can be used well in business to promote luxury and sophistication such as with high end luxury cars, jewelry, perfume, apparel.  It can be perceived to be of better value if something is wrapped in black or in a black box

It is often used in products geared toward 18-25 year olds because it appeals to their sense of rebellion



Psychology of Color: Red

red on pinterest.png



Red has long been known to increase sales and is used in a lot of Business Logos

What is it about the color red that makes us part with our money so easily?

Red is the color of energy, passion and action.  It promotes a sense of ambition and promotion

It is determined, strong-willed and confident

People who favor the color red are risk takers who are full of energy and are passionate in all areas of their life, whether they are in the bedroom or in the boardroom.  They are extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident.

If red is your favorite color, you are most likely to seek attention which in turn draws others toward your excitement and sense of adventure.  You are stimulating to be around and full of energy

It is the color used for Valentine’s Day, though it probably relates more to lust and passion, rather than love

It increases your craving for food and is used in a lot of restaurant logos and color schemes

Too much red can be detrimental invoking rage and hostility

In China the color red is associated with good luck and prosperity, great fortune

Red encourages you to take immediate action, that is why it is used in Traffic signs and signals to warn you to stop immediately, it is the universal color for Danger






Psychology of Color: Orange

orange on pinterest.png



We associate the color Orange with, fall, Thanksgiving and fruit.  Did you know Orange also represents optimism, spontaneity, adventure and enthusiasm?

Orange radiates warmth and happiness, offers emotional strength, motivation and stimulation and respect for others

Those who favor the color orange are uninhibited, confident risk takers, extrovert exhibitionists

Orange combines the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow

It promotes conversation and social interaction, so if you love hanging out with people around the kitchen table, orange will keep them talking and eating longer

Restaurants often use terracotta décor which promotes social interaction and encourages appetite so patrons tend to eat and drink more

It’s not great to have a lot of orange in your kitchen if you are trying to lose weight

In  business orange gives the impression of affordability while creating enthusiasm and social engagement.  It stimulates your senses and is warm and inviting

Restaurants, travel websites, sports and youth oriented businesses would do well to incorporate orange into their color scheme




Psychology of Color: Brown


brown on pinterest.png


Brown is associated with the Earth, soil, trees, nature.

It is the color of security and protection.

It signifies stability and structure, and is serious in nature

Those who favor the color brown are said to be strong, reassuring, responsible and dutiful and take their responsibility seriously, they are loyal and dependable and no-nonsense

The down side to this is they tend to be seen as too serious or dull and lacking a sense of humor, sometimes stingy

The color brown provides comfort, simplicity and quality.

It is sensible and practical, it doesn’t tolerate or associate with frivolity, excess or waste.

It is quiet, reassuring and doesn’t seek attention

In business, brown is used to show reliability, dependability, credibility and durability, while being friendly and approachable



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