A Nicer World


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A Nicer World


How do we start to save” the World”

when our very souls are dying?

It’s going to take more than you and me

planting a tree to make them see


Our planet is dying all around

The rain-forests nearly all gone

Animals can’t hibernate on desolate ground

Natural habitats are seldom found


Mother Nature needs re-birth

We need to save our oceans

We need to live in harmony

with each other and as one with the Earth


We need to teach our children

to be better keepers of our planet

To mend, to fix, to reciprocate

Stop throwing away what can be re-used some day



First we need to fix ourselves;

become more aware.

It’s got to start with you and me

We’re all part of the problem

That’s plain to see


We create so much waste

Our landfills are overflowing

We can reduce our waste,

We can facilitate

So many small steps a human can take


Plant our produce,

Reduce, re-use; re-vegetate

Educate our little ones

Inspire them to live with less

Show them how to help themselves

Help them be their best


Save our oceans

Plant a tree

Grow our veggies

and soon you will see


A richer life

A nicer world

A better place to be


Written by Kathy Duff © 2011

Together, We can change the world


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Together  We Can Change The World


We accumulate and accelerate
The demise of our Earth
We need to be adaptable
Accentuate, advocate

Captivate a child’s mind
Cultivate their thoughts
Teach them not to negotiate
but instead to demonstrate

When we disconnect
We cannot flourish
We become stagnant and still
We need to find the passion
Find our own free will

From the ocean to the Gulf,
to the Great Barrier Reef,
From the Sea of Japan
to the Caribbean Sea

We need to save our oceans
It starts with you and me
Stop polluting our waterways
Let our waters run free

From the Rockies
to the Outback,
From Ozark to Pyrenees,
We need to take care of our mountains
make sure they’re litter- free

From Broadway to Bourbon Street
Cape Canaveral to Kennedy,
We need to make sure our landmarks
remain beautiful for all to see

From the people of America
to the People of the World
From outer space to the Milky Way
We need to live in Harmony

We need to leave the chaos
of living in a modern world
Learn to be better citizens
together we can change the world

Written by Kathy Duff
Copyright 2011

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