Photo Challenge: Lunch

lunch©2017 KDArtStudio

From my 30 Day Photo Challenge: Lunch

One of the things I love doing is buffets and tasting parties

“Lunch” in our house on the weekends could be any of these table spreads or just a simple sandwich & cup of soup.

Sometimes if I am on my own it’s a snickers Bar & a Diet Coke, don’t judge!…lol

Around the Holidays I usually put out a full table of food for everyone to graze on noon till night

It really just depends what sort of mood I am in and if i feel like cooking or not

The weekend Summer Tasting parties are probably my favorite and gives me a chance to try out new recipes on my unsuspecting, involuntary “tasters”

We certainly don’t eat like this all the time, these were ‘special occasion’ meals that I took photos of that I found when I was sorting through my old photos, that I thought would fit nicely into the Photo Challenge ‘Lunch’ theme

Photo Challenge: Sunrise


©2017 KDArtStudio

Earlier this week I posted some Photo Prompts in a 30 Day Photo Challenge in case anyone was stuck on inspiration or looking for things to add to their portfolio

One thing I am sure most people would have photo’s of is a ‘Sunrise’

I thought I’d share a few with you here

These are my most recent ones from the Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina

This one I love, was my last couple of days in Sydney, Australia overlooking Botany Bay from Cronulla


Photo Challenge: Liquid


©2017 KDArtStudio

Earlier this week I posted some Photo Prompts in a 30 Day Photo Challenge in case anyone was stuck on inspiration or looking for things to add to their portfolio

One of the hardest words on the list I think was ‘Liquid’ so I thought it is only fair that I take the challenge myself and post on here some of the things I came up with

Unless you are photographing large bodies of water like lakes, beaches, oceans etc, it’s a pretty hard subject to photograph if you aren’t just taking photos of beverages or a running faucet (tap)

I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I am decent for an amateur

One of my all time favorite photos is this one that I called “Fire & Ice”




and just for fun one day, my husband and I went through a car wash (with my camera) to see what photographing it from the inside of a car would be like, but they were a little disappointing


I always like the raindrops on windows, they make for cool wall art, they look great when they are matted and framed



This one was an icicle melting


and well this is just rain pouring over the gutter nearly flooding the damn place lol


The 30 day challenge prompts are just for fun, if you need ideas, no pressure

I do them for my own amusement as much as for everyone else’s

Photo Challenge: Shadow



©2017 KDArtStudio

Shadow Art is one thing that I wish I had more time to explore

I love using organic shadows with digital art

These are very rough around the edges, the shadows are authentic not manufactured, but I have darkened them with photo editing software and the photo editing is just rough

I know I have more somewhere, I have one of someone jumping in the air, but I have no clue where it is right now.  If I ever find it, I will upload it

I know others have done ‘shadow’ as daily prompts etc but it is still one of my favorite subjects



“Stultiloquence” – is a word i had never heard of before.  It was the topic of a photography competition I entered a few years back

I had to find a dictionary to see what it meant…Apparently it means Babble, Mindless Chatter, Silly Talk…who knew?

If you have ever heard these geese, they holler and squawk and carry on like crazy… So much for my nice quiet, lakeside walk!  These geese were starting to give me a headache…lol

I just happened to have the camera with me that day…

As soon as I found out what stultiloquence meant, I knew I had the perfect picture…it didn’t win for obvious photographical flaws, but it was fun to enter and I sill think “stultiloquence” is a fun word

WPC: It Is Easy Being Green!


©2017 KDArtStudio

Weekly Photo Challenge:  It IS Easy Being Green!

For more Green, I did a Blog Post on the Psychology of GREEN here

Biloxi, MS

Biloxi Cover.png

After Hurricane Katrina, much of the Gulf Coast was submerged under water

Biloxi has had a pretty rough trot with Hurricanes going through the area
nearly every year since

Hard to believe this was all under water at one stage

1412 Biloxi Postcard

It’s amazing to see how these little towns bounce back, one tragedy after another

We were first introduced to Biloxi, Mississippi when Jay Leno did a benefit concert to help raise funds to restore the community

We were invited to go for a weekend and have been back several times since

The views alone are pretty amazing, but also the casinos and Headliner acts they get down there are world class, big name musicians, comedians and entertainers

See my Travel Guide Post on Biloxi here

I am sorting through my photos at the moment and listing postcards to sell in my Photography Store

I forgot about some of these photos, they are pretty neat looking over them again

I have more somewhere, I need to find them

2658 Biloxi Postcard



Biloxi Postcard1

BILOXI sailboat

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Neon Illuminated Photo Art

5773 Neon


More of My Photography Mixed Media Art

Digital Neon Glow can make old Photographs look new again

0280 Neon

This is the first one I ever did,

it’s a little different than the first two

It’s of a School Bus

0950 Neon

Most times it’s not adding to a picture that enhances it,

it’s subtracting from it

Flower Bon-Bons


Combining my Flower Photography with

Digital Art Processes get some amazing results

They almost look like glass Bon-Bons

0996 Glass Bon Bon.png

I love this one too, love the movement in it

It uses the same process but not with photography,

creating a kind of  Fractal Art

#7997-1 Fractal.jpg

30 Photo Challenges


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