Music is my life

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January 26

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Music is my life

I would be dead without it.  It has kept me going on numerous occasions

Growing up we were only allowed to listen to “Christian” music;


Amy Grant, Don Patillo, Randy Stonehill, Cliff Richard, Evie, my gosh…talk about a blast from the past…We knew every word to every song.

Some of my fondest memories was going with my father (professional photographer) to Media Press Conferences (kids weren’t allowed, yet he would somehow get me in) to meet some of them, we would get their autographs and thought it was the most special thing ever

We were allowed to listen Abba, Olivia Newton John… the oldies radio station dad listened to in the car, ‘wholesome’ music, not much else




My older sisters would have the radio on in the mornings listening to songs as we got ready for school….I loved listening to “You’re so vain”, “You’ve got a friend””Billy don’t be a hero”,  “Killing me Softly with his song”, “Streets of London”, “desperado”, “I’ll have to say I love you in a song”, “hooked on a feeling”..they are songs that still make me smile some 44 yrs? later, I was very young, 5 yrs old? at the time.  You can say what you like, but they were some of the very few happy memories I have from my childhood…..the music has stayed with me all this time

I do not apologize one moment for my eclectic taste in music.  My music is as diverse as my life has been.  I love all types of music, from soft rock, to jazz, to international, to 60’s, indie, some opera and everything in between.

My father liked music, though he never said so, he was always the loudest singing in church and my parents would sing along on the car radio.

I remember once he took us to see The Mikado, it was the only time we ever went to see opera, I was too young to understand any of it, I remember it being ‘weird’ and very sad at the end, but I loved that we got to dress up to go to the fancy theatre like grown ups.  I know he loved the Three Tenors and would try his hand at opera…lol

Music has always played a huge part in my life, I joined the singing group at school and a small unknown nameless band in my teens and we used to perform at concerts back in the day, they were some of the best days of my life

I miss those days… they meant a lot more to me than I could have imagined at the time




A lot of the musicians who are near and dear to my heart have left this world for greener pastures, they were too good for this crazy world.  Karen Carpenter, John Denver, Dan Fogelberg, England Dan, Jon English, John Lennon, Elvis….

I am indebted to  artists passed and living who got me through some pretty tough times, they will never know how much their music meant to me

  • Bread
  • Joshua Kadison
  • The Beatles
  • James Taylor
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Everything but the girl
  • Jewel
  • Air Supply
  • John Farnham
  • Meatloaf
  • Art Garfunkel
  • Amy Grant
  • Bryan Adams
  • Phil Collins
  • Dan Hill
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Michael Bolton
  • Chad & Jeremy
  • Richie MacDonald
  • Dolly Parton
  • Keith Urban
  • John Ford Coley
  • Evanescence
  • Il Volo
  • Jim Croce
  • Jimmy Barnes
  • Josh Groban
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Pink
  • Ken Davis
  • Kenny G
  • Michael W Smith
  • Gary Chapman
  • The Seekers
  • Weaver


There was a record store on my way home from work to the train station when I started working in the mid 80’s that I would spend a lot of my money on, if only I had that record collection today…

Yes I was around when these


and these were invented





I played a lot of music in my teens and early twenties

Much to my parent’s disgust, instead of ‘here comes the bride’, I walked down the aisle to ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’…lol

I would play music to my baby before he was even born,( I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a strong reaction to Kenny G…hehe…)…. that same baby is now 23 years old and sharing indie bands & songs with me that I have never heard of…full circle 🙂


I wrote more songs / lyrics than will ever see the light of day 
and taught myself to play the guitar


I used to go to a lot of concerts in my early twenties and always hang outside where the tour buses loaded to get autographs, sadly I do not have any of those autographs now.

I love the 60’s & early 70’s music the most, there just isn’t anything like it…. probably because they were all stoners…lol… I secretly wondered when they started legalizing weed if we would get some great music again…hehe

My kids who used to make fun of my music, now have voluntarily added several of those songs to their playlists… they weren’t so dumb afterall…

I love driving and listening to music, I could keep going and never come back

I get extremely sad if musicians die, they are so so talented, it is such a waste of talent, I wish they could stay here forever

I love that the intro of a song can take you back 40 years in time like it was yesterday and plant you right back in that memory again

I have met Amy Grant, Randy Stonehill, Evie, Kenny G, Air Supply, John Ford Coley, Jim Brickman, Richie MacDonald and have some great photo’s of Tommy Emmanuel, Kenny Rogers, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Chicago



I am sooo glad I got to see John Denver, Kenny Rogers, Air Supply, John Ford Coley,  Michael Bolton in concert….treasured, treasured memories

My all time favorite song is probably Elvis “Always on my Mind”, I want it sung at my funeral!

Spring in September

Spring in September

Verse 1:

Time passed us by
how fast time flies
right before our very eyes
time came for us to say goodbye

Verse 2:

Crying at the airport
tears streaming down my face
oh how my heart ached
as I watched you walk away

Chorus 1:

Missing Spring in September
do you remember
walking by the sea
not a care in the world
just you and me

Verse 3:

Too many days and years between
how much pain and grief we've seen
seems just like yesterday
nearly ten years have passed since then

Verse 4:

I promise I'll be back
sweet little lady
please don't cry for me
we'll be fine
you just wait and see

Chorus 2:

Wishing for spring in September
do you remember
walking by the sea
not a care in the world
just you holding me

Written by Kathy Duff
Registered Copyright 2011


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Long, Lonely Nights

Image ©2017 KDArtStudio

Long, Lonely Nights

Verse 1:

The aching of my heart
every time that we're apart
fighting back the tears
when I think about
you loving me 

Verse 2:

So tired, I cannot sleep
thanks to the crazy hours I keep
never know if it's night or day
sleeping all day
to chase the blues away

Verse 3:

Don't know why you're in my life
never knew it would be like this
when I promised to be your wife
never thought we'd be 
living separate lives


The power of your love
will get me through
these long lonely nights;
the nights I spend
missing you

Verse 4:

Do you feel the way I feel
like your whole world 
is caving in
can't keep your head above water
you're just too tired to swim

Verse 5:

Lying here wishing
for a few more hours
thinking of you
and the day ahead
so many crazy thoughts
spinning inside my head


The power of your love
will get me through
these long lonely nights;
the nights I spend
missing you

Written by Kathy Duff
Registered Copyright 2011

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Time to let You go

You stole my heart.jpg

“You Stole my heart” Acrylic painting by Kathy Duff ©2009

“Time to Let You Go”

Lyrics by Kathy Duff

Music & Vocals by Paramount Song


Time for you to go now,
don't want to see you leave
Trying to be strong
wipe your tears on my sleeve

Heaven came down to meet you
to guide you on your way
When it was time for you to go
you had nothing more to say

Watched you take one last breath
then watched you slip away
We know you are with us
we feel your love every day

Trying to get through the days
fighting hard to be strong
Grieving for ourselves
Don't know where we belong

It doesn't get any easier
being here without you
So much we never got to say
things we never got to do

We roam around in emptiness
our days are not the same
can't seem to find peace of mind
since you went away

Trying to get through the days
fighting hard to be strong
grieving for ourselves
don't know where we belong

Just One More Day


©2017 KDArtStudio

“Just One More Day”

Lyrics by Kathy Duff

Music By Paul Goldowitz

Vocals By Starr Saunders

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