19 Freebies – Freebie Friday

FREE Offers Available:

1. Texas de Brazil tosses you entire free dinners, 50% off coupons and an instant 25% off coupon via email

2. Free breakfast via email from Mimi’s Café

3. Free 20-minute facial at Aveda (06/30)

4. Free combo box via email at Raising Canes chicken restaurants (12/31)

5. Free Skating for kids all summer at various roller rinks (09/22)

6. 4th graders enjoy free entry to all Federal Parks (08/31)

7. Free drink with your bottomless lobster at Boston Lobster Feast (12/31)

Boston Lobster Feast Coupon May 2017 Free drink with your bottomless lobster at Boston Lobster Feast

8. Free coffee, breakfast taco & more at Steak N Shake (06/11)

9. Wear flip flops for a free smoothie June 16th at Tropical Smoothie Cafe (06/16)

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Coupon May 2017 Wear flip flops for a free smoothie June 16th at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

10. Graduates eat free with your grad party at Joes Crab Shack (06/30)

Joes Crab Shack Coupon May 2017 Graduates eat free with your grad party at Joes Crab Shack

11. Second burger free at Carls Jr. & Hardees (06/01)

Hardees Coupon May 2017 Second burger free at Carls Jr. & Hardees

12. Free game of Bowling instantly via email (12/31)

GB Free 3D

13. Kids bowl free all summer at your local Bowling center (09/22)

Kids Bowl Free

14. Kids earn a free book at Barnes & Noble via their Summer reading journal (09/05)

15. Second item free Thursdays at Beef OBradys restaurants (05/25)

16. Kids Roller Skate free at various rinks this Summer (09/22)

17. Free pancake with your meal at Huddle House (05/23)

Huddle House Coupon May 2017 Free pancake with your meal at Huddle House

18. Bring your own cup day for slurpees the 19th & 20th at 7-Eleven (05/20)

7-Eleven Coupon May 2017 Bring your own cup day for slurpees the 19th & 20th at 7-Eleven

19. Free coffee all week for Moms at Pilot & Flying J gas stations (05/20)

Flying J Coupon May 2017 Free coffee all week for Moms at Pilot & Flying J gas stations

17 Things to Buy in May

buy may.png

May is a great month for savings with Mothers’ Day & Memorial Day Sales

Retailers release new Appliance Models in May

Graduation Parties are happening
and people are eating outdoors with the warmer weather

Here’s a list of things you should Buy in May:

1. BBQ Tools

BBQ Tools, accessories, charcoal, paper plates & products

2. Spa Packages

May is the best time to not only buy spa products, but to book spa treatments

3. Appliances

New model Refrigerators, freezers, washers & dryers, stoves/ranges are released in May, so retailers offer up to 80% off old models

You will often see these advertised as Memorial Day Sales

4. Camping & Outdoor Gear

It’s warmer weather and also people are starting to plan summer vacations, don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen, it’s one of the cheapest times to buy it & Insect Repellants, Camping & Hiking gear

5. Health & Beauty

Mothers Day is a great time to stock up on perfume, bubble bath products, spa accessories & makeup

6. Fine Jewelry

You can find deals up to 70% off fine jewelry just before Mothers Day

7. Patio Furniture

Memorial Day Weekend is the best time to buy Outdoor Patio Furniture

You will see huge discounts in the Memorial Day Flyers

 8. Mattresses

Look for big discounts on Mattresses in Memorial Day Sales

Also a great time to buy Home Furnishings: furniture, bedroom sets

9. Workout Apparel

Warmer weather means people are getting outdoors to exercise

Workout Apparel is heavily discounted this time of the year

These are from my own Fashionably Chic Brand

These designs are my
own original artwork

10. Cameras & Photo Accessories

There’s nothing mothers cherish more than pictures of their babies

Cameras, photo albums, just about anything photo related goes on sale in May

11. Pot Plants

Once the weather warms up, gardening is in full swing

Stock up on plants, pots, seeds, gloves, watering cans, lawn care products

12. Flowers

Mothers Day is the biggest time of the year for sending flowers outside of Valentine’s Day

Book early if you are having them delivered


13. Books

Mothers love to relax with a good book

Check local bookstore flyers for great deals on books in May

14. Candy

Candy & Chocolates go on sale for Mothers Day

15. Summer Vacation Packages

You can expect big discounts on flights, cruises, hotels and car rentals in May as people start planning their Summer Vacation Getaways

16. Luggage

30-50% off clearance on Luggage

17. Sports Gear

Buy Golf, cycling, baseball, athletic apparel/shoes, Fishing, Cycling, Running, & Swimming Products in May


7 Places to Get FREE Stuff



Manufacturers are keen for Consumers to Try their Products and will do just about anything to get you to try theirs over their competitors.  They are even willing to give away samples and sometimes full size products for FREE

Some require you to fill in a brief customer survey about the product you received so they can add your comment to their rotation of customer testimonials.  Others require no survey and know that Word-of-mouth is far more effective advertising and marketing than anything money can buy

So where do you get all this Free Stuff?

  1. https://freebies.getitfree-samples.us

Their rotation constantly changes, this week they are offering

  • Craftsmen Tools
  • Tide Laundry Products
  • Hanes Socks
  • Kitchen Aid Cooking Accessories
  • DeWalt Tools
  • Swiffer Cleaning Products

Limit of one per household and you need to sign up to register for your free product


2. Hello-Products.com

  • Toothpaste
  • Beef Jerky
  • Dove Moisturizer
  • Shampoo


3. Sampleaday.com

  • Febreeze
  • Paint Samples
  • Water bottles
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Charmin
  • Shampoo


4. WomanFreebies.com

  • Pizza
  • Beauty Samples
  • Enfagrow Baby Formula
  • Skincare
  • Tea


5. Ilovefreethings.com

  • Movie Rentals
  • Tanger Gift Cards
  • HydroMassages
  • Comic Books
  • Smoothies
  • Toothpaste
  • Pet Food



6. Sweetfreestuff.com

Newsletter Signup required

  • Dominos Gift Cards
  • Shampoo
  • Awareness Wristbands
  • Razors
  • Toothpaste


7. MyFreeProductSamples.com

  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Juice
  • Smoothies
  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Kindle Ebooks
  • Ice cream



These are just a few of the places offering free Samples & Products

There are many More, I will be updating this list as I find out about them

Offerings change daily and some may only have a specific number of giveaways, so get in early to avoid disappointment

Luxury Travel on a Budget

Travel Upgrades

Don’t blow your travel budget paying full price when you don’t have to

There are major discounts to be found if you know where to look

1. Travel Off Peak (Shoulder Season)

You can seriously get great discounts on airfares and accommodation, some up to 60% off during off-season

Travel outside of School Holidays or right after major holidays

2. Staycations

If you want to travel and only have a few days off, consider a location closer to home

Domestic or even local hotels offer huge discounts for last minute getaways to fill up their bookings

If you look on Google Maps you can find places to travel to within a 3-4 hour radius of your home, you don’t want to spend a whole day getting there

If you do your travelling overnight the night before you are booked in to your hotel, you can get in an extra day of sightseeing / restaurants

3. Use Hotwire to get 4-Star Accommodation at 2 & 3-star prices

You can get $315 rooms for $128, that’s a huge savings, staying in much nicer rooms, what’s not to love?

4. Book ahead if you are planning to travel during holidays and peak travel

While you can snag great deals on last minute trips during off season, the same cannot be said for peak travel times

Public holidays, School Holidays, Summer are the busiest times to travel.  If you leave it to the last minute to book, you will pay a lot more for accommodation and not get the best deal for your money.  Popular festivals or hotels have people booking sometimes 12 months in advance, around Sydney Harbour or Times Square for New Years Eve for example

Some hotels will only allow bookings 3 months before, so make sure you get in early as soon as bookings are available

It used to be the rule to book international travel 12 months ahead and domestic travel 3-6 months ahead for the best rates

Often vacation packages have special ‘early bird’ rates to popular events like music festivals etc or around Christmas / New Years

5. Book Flights on Tuesday

It’s the cheapest day of the week to travel, and around 3pm Tuesdays is the cheapest time

Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday are your cheapest days for air tickets,  while Sunday is the most expensive

6. Ask for an upgrade, dress the part

If you dress like you belong in business or first class, you can sometimes get an upgrade by politely asking, it doesn’t hurt to try

The answer will be a firm ‘we don’t have anything available’ if you are in a singlet and flip flops or wearing your pj’s to the airport

7. Ask for a Water View

If you are travelling off peak, chances are the hotel isn’t even 2/3 full

Ask on arrival at your hotel if might be any water views available, sometimes they will upgrade you just because you asked

8. Bundle

If you book, car, accommodation & airfare all at once, you will save a lot more than booking them separately

Look for package deals or ‘vacation’ packages

9. Join Hotel rewards programs

They are usually free to join and you can earn free nights accommodation on future travel if you earn enough points

You can earn points from your fist stay and they also send you bonus offers during the year to earn points more quickly

You usually get free wifi, sometimes free breakfast and other discounts & perks for reward members only

Plus you have a better chance of room upgrades if you are a reward member, than if you are not

10.Stay on the outskirts

If you stay in popular ‘touristy’ locations like downtown or on the riverfront  in popular cities, you aren’t going to get as great a deal as if you stay 10-15 minutes outside of these areas

You can quite often get a much better room if you stay 10 minutes out of town and you will get to see a lot more of the city

Most hotels have shuttle services to the city and big tourist attractions for free


  • Ask the locals what to see, where to eat…we have had some of the best tips by asking people who live there if there are other places to see while we are there
  • Also if you visit museums etc late in the day, say an hour or two before they close, you may get in at a big discount, 1/2 price etc
  • Check the tourist guides and pamphlets at the hotel for discounts to museums and places of interest, they offer discount coupons

4 Ways to Make Money

4 ways to make money.png

There are many different ways to make money these days, some conventional, others, not so much…

1. Selling your hair

falls into the latter category and depending on how you look at it, the very idea will either make you smile or gross you out

I love the idea of it, you would be helping people who make wigs & hair extensions from human hair, many of them for charity for children and women with cancer or hair loss, a very noble idea

Locks for love & Pantene Beautiful Lengths are two such organizations, you may even score a free hair cut but they won’t pay you cash

The part that grosses me out is that it is HUMAN HAIR not attached to someone’s head, and I like many others am squeamish with stuff like that

Believe it or not, there is a big market for long, untreated “virgin’ human hair and some sellers (not the charity ones, but wig manufacturers) are willing to pay big bucks ($700-1500) for it, that would be a nice chunk of change wouldn’t it ?

So here’s (or should I say hairs?) the deal:

  • Must be more than 20″ long
  • not dyed
  • not treated, bleached or permed
  • not over treated with hairdryers, curling wands or heat irons
  • You must be a non=smoker
  • they prefer thick hair
  • they don’t like you washing it daily = split ends and dulls your hair

There are online websites you can list your hair on



  • research other sellers listings first
  • Take several photos, not revealing your identity
  • don’t give out your address or personal details in listing
  • List your asking price
  • describe color, length,texture – thick, straight, curly
  • Mention what hair products you use
  • any treatments you have had
  • how often it is blow dryed
  • ask for paypal
  • use delivery confirmation
  • pay insurance on your parcel
  • treat it as you would an ebay listing
  • check listing, selling fees ahead of time


2. Sell Blood Plasma:

Always in demand, you never know when or where you or a family member may need it, a nice way to “give back”

Depending on the blood bank, you could get around $35



3. Egg Donations:

Healthy women can earn $3k-$10k for donating their eggs, the selection criteria is pretty strict, it’s time consuming, you may experience some pain or discomfort, you may need injections to make egg retreval easier






4. Sperm Donations:

Made famous by Hollywood, I don’t know that much about it, except I believe there are sperm banks still around

You may be helping a couple who desperately want kids have the family they have always dreamed of

I am sure there are other ways to make money, but these are legal and legitimate



The links used in this post are Informational only & not linked to any Affilliate.  I do not receive any compensation from this post


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