9 Time-Saving Apps

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Everyone’s heard the catch phrase “There’s an App for that”, well there literally is an App for just about everything you need to simplify your life

What many don’t know, is there are Apps that can save you TIME, the one thing we all need the most and don’t seem to ever have enough of

I haven’t used all of these myself, but they constantly hit the Top 10 Lists on the internet and have pretty good reviews, so I thought I’d share them with you

1. Doorman

Ever missed a delivery because you’re at work or stepped out to run errands?

Doorman is an App that might alleviate the worry and hassle of missing parcel deliveries

This is a Paid Service, it isn’t Free to use. You either pay a flat rate of $3.99 per package or a monthly subscription for $19

This service redirects your parcels to a Doorman representative who delivers your packages to your house between 6pm and midnight. They’ll hold parcels for 30 days if you’re on vacation

It might be worth it if you can’t be home or take time off work and are concerned about deliveries

It’s like having your own personal assistant

2. Momento

This App is only available on iPhone

If you like keeping a diary or journal,  Momento is an App that lets you add photos, tweets, location data and much more for journaling.

It is good for moms, or just about anyone, it would be useful to have if you are travelling to help you remember your trip

It is password protected so you don’t have to worry about anyone reading your blurb

3. WiFi Mapper

Free Wi-Fi can be scarce in some places or you might be away from home and not sure of where to find it

Wi-Fi Mapper details all the locations around you offering free Wi-Fi, saving you phone data and time

4. Google Photos

Google Photos works like ‘the Cloud’ but offers unlimited storage for free allowing you to back up your photos and free up storage space on your phone

It also has image recognition technology, so you can search photos by people, animals, locations, objects etc

Searching ‘cat’, for example, will return all pictures that have a cat in them

5. Baron Critical Weather

Most devices come pre-loaded with a weather forecast app, but Baron alerts you if storms or bad weather is approaching your location.  You can add different locations for home, work etc

It’s handy to have, good for moms to warn kids at school/college or living away from home in times of severe weather approaching

It tells you other things like the temp outside, wind speed, humidity, visibility etc and sends severe weather alerts to your phone

6. Pocket

Pocket is a bookmarking App, similar to Pinterest

You can save articles around the web, or stuff you find online that you want to look at later, and works offline as well

7. Noisli

Noisli provides calming noises, like rain, wind, fire and more

You can create your own calming ambience while you work

If you relax with sounds of a coffee shop, Noisli can accommodate you

Swimming in the ocean ? Not a problem

Background ambience can calm the anxious, help with distractions, boost your productivity if you are working

It also has white noise, pink noise and brown noise. Noisli can help you focus in the most distracting of environments

8. Unfade

Unfade allows you to scan you old faded photos of the kids and promises to restore your photos for the digital age

It applies a filter to restore faded colors

The App is only available on iOS

9. Buffer

You can schedule what time and day your tweets on twitter or pins on Pinterest etc go Live to Social Media

You might have a great post/pin/tweet to share but want it to go live when you know you will be asleep or unavailable, you can use the scheduler to post them for you and if you don’t care about specifying a time, they can schedule it for the most popular posting times

I use it for my Blog Posts for Twitter and Pinterest, it saves me so much time, I ‘set it and forget it’

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