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How do I cope with Crisis? With Sheer Resilience!


I had to laugh at the suggestion for today’s blog topic;

The Editors, WordPress.com.

  • 365 Days of Writing Prompts

January 17

  • In a crisis
  • Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations.
  • Are you happy with the way you react?

Wow! You really want me to go there?

How do I cope with Crisis?  With Sheer Resilience!

…and then I start a blog in the hope that I might be able to help someone else or at the very least provide an entertaining read

Anyone that knows me, knows I have had to deal with more crisis than anyone they know.  I have been through floods, numerous tornadoes (& a bad one that wiped out half the town), an earthquake, hailstorms, torrential rain and lightning strikes (not me personally, but my kitchen window where I was standing).  I have had to deal with a 20 ft tree falling down and a storm that damaged the roof.

I spent several years looking after my kids who had severe life-threatening allergies & asthma & lived through cancer with my first husband and lost our family Restaurant during my divorce

I have been bullied at school,  indirectly shot at on my way home from work amid an in progress armed bank robbery, carjacked, run over by a car who didn’t stop, my house has been on fire, I have had a knife held to my throat, had someone threaten to kill my baby, someone threaten to throw my other baby off a 3 storey balcony, been a victim of domestic violence, lived in a women’s refuge, been homeless, penniless, lost everything I owned & moved houses too many times to count and more times than anyone should. I have had two houses and two cars taken from me through no fault of my own that I loved.

I have more recently been in a pretty significant car accident, been married, divorced, re-married, had people extremely close to me die from suicide, cancer, heart attacks & old age.

I have been victimized & made fun of because of my race and watched it happen to my children… my reaction to that one? …to pray for those who are ignorant and naive, they need it more than I do and they really have no clue …

I piled on weight, became insulin resistant, was diagnosed as having metabolic syndrome.  I had a major allergic reaction to codeine in hospital because some twat didn’t read my red allergy tag that said I was allergic to codeine, I’ve lost two businesses that I loved due to unforeseen circumstances

I had a glass shower door explode on me and nearly severed my finger, I had crippling osteoarthritis, so much so that I could not walk,  and needed a knee replacement at the same time my husband’s car was smashed to pieces (by someone we knew) and my first husband died of stage 4 metastatic melanoma…I have been battling probate lawyers and superannuation funds for the past two years because my ‘ex’ left me in charge of handling his estate (to which I will not receive a red penny) (Ironic that the only one he trusted to do it was his ex-wife, that’s gotta say something?)

I am sure if I thought about it long enough, I could come up with a few more heartbreaking scenarios, lost loves and the rest of it

I have seen my share of crisis, how did I react?  the way anyone would…. I suffered depression, cried rivers of tears & got high blood pressure, went for long drives, prayed, then cried some more

When you are young & single, you have a choice, you can throw yourself a pity party or get on with it.  When you are a mother, you don’t have that choice, you have to just get up out of bed and survive as best you can, do one day at a time, sometimes one hour or moment at a time. No one is going to ‘rescue you’ or take over for you or give you a break, you have no choice but to climb out of the dark black hole you fell into and hope that nothing falls on your head while you are climbing out of the pit

There isn’t always a solution, there aren’t always happy endings, getting to the other side is sometimes the solution in itself…having the sheer guts to get up and feed the kids each day

I’d say I was resilient, I found strength in me I never knew I had and discovered who my real friends were.  I would not be alive today if it weren’t for my best friend and my kids.  They kept me going, even when I didn’t want to.

Am I happy with the way I react in a crisis?

Maybe not at the time, my patience is wearing thinner the older I get, but in hindsight, I am pretty proud I am still here to talk about it, many others would have crumbled long ago.

There is a saying that says “Don’t judge me until you have walked in my shoes”, I prefer to say “Don’t judge or criticize me until you have lived in my shoes, then we will see how far you get”

(As my father says, I don’t do things by half)

I think I have coped pretty well given the circumstances life has dealt me. I am lucky to be alive. I know there are many far worse off than I am, I am relatively healthy now, reversed some of my health issues  and have awesome friends and family, a nice house etc

What was the question again?



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