Happy Father’s Day

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6 Seconds & a Lifetime of Gratitude


Tonight was my youngest son’s High School Graduation Ceremony, 13 years of his schooling boiled down into a 6 second walk across the stage

They haven’t had an easy life moving from place to place to place. One of my sons recently told me how the moving to all the different schools did affect him, for which I am deeply sorry they had to go through that, it can’t have been easy, yet despite it all, they both graduated AP students, kudos to them, they are both way more driven than I ever was in school, I really didn’t like high school very much at all, I couldn’t wait to leave

I am so grateful that they are both caring young men who care about equality, they truly care about women’s rights and diversity, and social issues, they want to make the world a better place and they might just have the tenacity to do it

It has been a long, emotional haul getting them through school.  I am so grateful they got through without being expelled, without behavioral problems, without being shot or killed…not everyone’s kids are so lucky…

Sitting there tonight I felt so sad for the mothers of Sandyhook, the mothers in Manchester grieving who will never have the privilege of seeing their babies graduate… I can’t begin to imagine their pain and sorrow

I realize how lucky I am that I will get to see my babies grow into men and I do not take that for granted, I hope they come to realize how lucky they are

I thank God for keeping them safe all these years and hope and pray He will watch over them and keep them safe from Harm

I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of their lives holds for them and hope I live long enough to see them have families of their own, they might then realize why I worried as much as I did, they don’t quite get it now, but they will, one day

I don’t envy them growing up in a world filled with so much hatred and intolerance, it seems to be skewed backward compared to when we were growing up, we didn’t have to worry about terrorism or cyberbullying or a lot of the things they will go through.  I hope and pray they will have happy fulfilled lives doing what they love and be able to make a living from it and hopefully make the world a little nicer for the next generation

I think it’s ironic that 13 years of school, of homework, forms to fill in, tests, parent teacher interviews, school meetings, field trips, after school clubs,  and a mountain of paper nonsense, is all over and done with in a six second stroll across the stage at an award ceremony… surely it’s got to count for more than that ?

Going through school with my boys was so much more stressful than going through it myself…thankfully after 13 years of my own schooling, 13 each of theirs, I am finally DONE with school…30+ years of my life…. it’s too much!… I feel like I have finally graduated from high school even though I did all those years ago

One is going off to college in the Fall, he wants to do International Relations and nothing has got him more hyped up than what’s going on in politics this last year, the other is about to move to Los Angeles to make movies

I am grateful to them for having a vision and passion and grateful they are living in a free society where they can make their dreams a reality if they put in the work and effort to get there

Congratulations guys, we did it!






Happy Mother’s Day

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Overworked = Motherhood

Overworked – Daily Prompt


I love being unappreciated, disrespected & everyone's doormat ... Said no mother ever:

My Wake Up Call

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via Daily Prompt: Baby

You were my wake up call

had to get up early

to paint the museum

three years hoping, trying

waiting for you

In your own sweet time

you were in no rush

to make your presence felt

God has a sense of humor

that’s for sure

I’m up, I’m awake

Nine months and two days late

a trip to the Hardware store

Everything was ready

Nurse wouldn’t believe me

you were coming

“plenty of time, dear”

wrong again

no one listens

why won’t anyone believe me?

you couldn’t wait

a moment longer

“here I am”

Good thing she can catch

“you really weren’t kidding, were you”

Now will you listen to me?

Blonde hair

blue eyes

here we go…

The most excited brother in the world

protected your every move

so kind

so gentle

Climbing as soon as you knew you how

always trying to get ‘out’

The messier

the better

You didn’t care

you thought it was funny

painting your face

with an icecream cone

Cute, smart alec, the noisy one

always demanding attention

show off of the two

The first time you felt the sand

it was ‘squishy” between your toes

Icicles were mesmerizing,

cold and


You loved chasing “sqrills”

riding your first bike

You were Loud and messy

that hasn’t changed

Demanding, exhausting,

quiet and enduring

Still making your presence felt

wanting to “right” what’s wrong with the world

You might just be the one to do it

You have the tenacity, the gumption

the sheer sass to succeed

to be ‘somebody’

who’s going to make a difference

Off to college in a few short months

I can’t even…

Where did the time go?

How did we get here

this fast?

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