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June 12th: National Red Rose Day




june 12th red rose dayJune 12th is National Red Rose Day

My Grandfather used to grow the most amazing roses in his front garden, they were the envy of everyone.  He was a quiet unassuming man and never talked to anyone much, but if he gave you roses from his garden to take home, it was something pretty special.  His gardens were beautiful, they truly were a work of art

Unfortunately when my Grandmother died, the family sold their house to developers who tore down the house, ripped out all his rose gardens and his green house at the back where he grew the best cherry tomatoes & vegies, to put in a row of townhouses

Roses have lots of tradition and meaning attached to them not only for me, but for a lot of people for many different reasons

Red Roses are my Favorite, for me they represent pure love – I find them incredibly romantic if given to your partner, but I have also given them to close family members as well, no one in my family ever had an issue receiving them lol

If someone in my immediate family passes away, they are going to get a red rose from each member of my family, I don’t care who is in charge of the floral arrangements, it’s a tradition we have had in our family for years and I am sticking with it

Personally, It doesn’t really matter to me if the color is technically correct, it’s the thought that counts and heartfelt feelings behind them that really matter

Some people are very intense/sensitive/traditional when it comes to the meaning of rose colors, as different color roses symbolize different things

I remember having a heated discussion once with my father-in-law when I wanted to buy red roses for a funeral for a deeply loved & cherished family member. I was shocked & very hurt. I was so upset because we had always bought red roses and placed them with loved ones but he was adamant you don’t bring red roses to a funeral, my heart was broken.  My intentions were nothing but loving and pure, but he took great offense to it and thought I was being disrespectful. I meant no disrespect to him, my intentions were honorable and sincere because to me, in our family, it was the highest expression of love for someone

We got his White Roses, but I also placed one red rose from each member of our family with the coffin, at that stage, it really didn’t matter, the last thing on anyone’s mind was the color of a flower being appropriate or not

When we were growing up, Red Roses meant Pure Love, but to him it meant something else and he insisted they should be White for reverence & honor

I was so excited when we bought our first house, it had a huge yard out back,  I planted Red & Fuchsia Rose Bushes that I loved all along the pathway, they were gorgeous but my son was extremely allergic to them and had asthma anytime he went near them, so I could never cut them and put them in the house, it was a crazy twist of fate

I still love roses, but I don’t do very much gardening anymore

All the Traditionalists out there are probably already well aware of the Meaning behind different Colored Roses, so for the novice or remotely curious,

Here’s the Meaning Of Rose Colors:

Red Roses : True Love, Beauty, Courage, Respect, Sincere Love

Pink Roses: Appreciation, Grace


Light Pink Roses: Admiration, Sympathy, Sweetness

Yellow Roses: Joy, friendship, Welcome, Care, Concern

cream rose

White Roses: Honor, Purity, Innocence, Reverence

Orange Roses: Desire, Enthusiasm, Fascination

Peach Roses: Appreciation, Gratitude

Pale Peach: Modesty

Coral: Desire

Lavender: Love at first sight, enchantment

Blue: The unattainable, Impossible

Red & White: When given together is a symbol of Unity

Black Roses: Death, Farewell

As for me, I’d be happy with any color (apart from Black, unless I was decorating a formal Black Tie Event)

A rose is a rose.  If someone thought enough about you to go out of their way to buy you a bunch, the color shouldn’t matter that much, given with pure intentions they are not to be taken for granted

Happy Mother’s Day

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Felíze Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de mayo

Felíze Cinco de Mayo

(Hope I got that right ? I know zero Spanish, my intentions were good)

Here’s my very un-Authentic Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Last Year we Set up a little Taco Bar for Cinco de Mayo, there was only the three of us home for dinner, so it was quick enough to throw together

taco bar

We just did the buffet style, help yourself spread we usually do

I put out Hard & Soft Taco Shells

Pita Bread for Wraps

Tortilla Chips


Soft Taco Boats

Then divided Trays of:

Mild taco Sauce

Sour Cream

Bacon Bits

Chopped Green Onions

Sliced Black Olives

Sliced Tomatoes

Grated Mozzarella Cheese

Shredded Romaine Lettuce

Fire-Roasted Corn

Grated Extra Sharp Cheese

Cooked Chicken

Cooked Pork

Cooked Beef

RECIPES You Might Like:

Creamy Guacamole

Wonton Chips

Mini Chicken Tacos


Spanish Omelette

Star Wars Day

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