Friday Night with the Boys


After a busy day and cooking dinner, too tired to eat anything, I went to bed early, only to wake up 2 hours later wide awake.  It’s 10pm on Friday night, the boys (17 & 24) were still up chatting and laughing, I was too wide awake to go back to sleep and ravenous from my 2 hour ‘nap’

There was nothing on the 400+/600+ ?? (I don’t even know how many channels we get, but it’s in the hundreds and it’s ridiculous) cable channels we subscribe to, honestly, why are we paying $100/month for this crap?  There’s never anything on when I just want to sit and watch tv, which is hardly ever

I made a salad, poured a glass of milk, sat out in the lounge room in my comfy chair and asked the guys is there something funny we could all watch, my son being the entertainment gatekeeper that he is, hooks up his Roku and we settle in for the night

He introduced me to Netflix “Master of None’ starring Aziz Ansari, an Indian-American Comedian who I’d briefly seen before but didn’t really know that much about

One episode turns into, “okay, we can watch another episode”, then “sure let’s watch one more”, to “I have a big bag of new flavored chips somewhere”, to “ok, I am still awake, I’ll watch another one”, to “ok, just one more episode”, then binge watching,” just one more episode before I go to bed”, until we finished an entire series

It was light comedy, entertaining, and extremely watchable

Official Trailer:

I love Aziz Parents in the show, they are the funniest part because they are his real immigrant parents playing themselves.  They had a tough upbringing in another country, plus one of his other fictional Asian friends parents who also was an immigrant grew up in Asia moved their family to America and had to find a new life here, it’s pretty fun to hear/see their viewpoint as parents & immigrants

The guys grew up in America and didn’t know very much about their heritage or parents upbringing

Then the awkward, goofy larger-than-life friend against Aziz tiny frame was pretty funny to watch (and no one you’d want dating advice from)

The boys and I had a great night together into the early hours of the morning, lots of laughs, it was a great binge watch…and I am not generally a binge watcher of anything

Check it out if you just want to chill at home and have nothing else to watch on tv

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