Abstract Expressionism


“Downtown” ©2017 KDArtStudio


“Let’s Chat” ©2017 KDArtStudio


“Mothers Day Roses” ©2017 KDArtStudio


“Feel Better” ©2017 KDArtStudio


“Just Because” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Abstract Expressionism?

Not sure if there is such an art movement, there is now!

I Love these, I will be doing a lot more of them


They will all be listed here in my online Art Store:

Pop Art Inspired

Art 1

“Thirsty” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Art 2

“Daniel – I” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Art 3

“Lunchtime Visitor” ©2017 KDArtStudio

Art 6

“Wannabe Sunflower” ©2017 KDartStudio

These are from my latest Pop Art Inspired Series

More are available in my Zazzle Store:

The Design Process

Fashionably Chic

A behind-the-scenes-look at

The Design Process:

Turning Art into Wearable Fashion Accessories

It all starts with a Picture, I usually use my own Art to start with, this was using a FREE Royalty-Free Stock Image because I was short on time to make new designs and I loved the colors in it


Then it is Digitally Manipulated into a Circle


then it is Cropped

041702 Cropped

Copied Several Times, pasting one next to the other

041702 Merged2.png

this process is repeated to fill the design space



then they are  Merged into one image and you have your base Pattern

You can adjust the Hue a few times for different shades / colors


Give your Design a Name, the Finished design reminds me of FEATHERS

So you now have your Pattern “Feathered Spheres” in 4 Fashion Colors

Apply the pattern to the Product Template and whalaa… you have just taken Art and several Digital manipulations later, you have created Wearable, Fashion Accessories


Feathered Print satchels


Mini Handbag Satchels & Men’s Fashion Neck Ties


Feathered Print Ties


©2017 Fashionably Chic


The process start to finish is seldom visualized in it’s entirety, it usually takes on a creative life of it’s own

By the time I am finished, it is nothing like the idea I had in the first place

If you are open to the creative process, you come up with awesome results

I did not look at this  background-2090232_1920

and think i should make these:

Feathered Print Ties


The Art sometimes creates itself

oh Baby!…

let it snow©2017 KDArtStudio

I have so much going on at the moment, re-doing my website, my blog, my online stores, I seem to be all over the place

I haven’t been on here blogging for a few days because I have been busy with other things
I lost a lot of my art & cartoons, nearly all of them with a computer crash last year

Thankfully, I have managed to get some of them from other sources online, so I have been able to started listing them again in my Baby Store , it’s a slow process that takes a lot of time, doesn’t help when my internet keeps crashing every other day

Baby Clothes

©2017 KDArtStudio

I am at the same time working on Inspirational Posters, getting my Recipes re-done and working on my Pinterest Boards…once I have finished with those, I will be able to spend more time on my Blog, I will try to post something new every day, but they won’t be lengthy posts or anything too deep & meaningful for a while until I get some of this other stuff sorted out

Thanks for your patience, I haven’t forgotten you

I have more ideas and things I want to do and write about, than I have hours in the day, not complaining, I’d rather be busy than bored

I really can’t wait to get these things done, I have soooo many ideas, it’s crazy

©2017 KDArtStudio



“A Quiet Moment” ©2012 Kathy Duff

Aesthetic – Daily Prompt

What is aesthetically beautiful to one person, may not be so to another.  My husband & I have very different aesthetics, he likes old, traditional, familiar things, I prefer abstract, modern, alternative things, something that’s “different” and new and makes you see things in a new way


Image ©2012-2017 KDArtStudio

I have been selling my art online for many years and I remember showing my husband some of my more abstract works over the years and remember him saying “I don’t get it”…it didn’t make sense to him…he couldn’t visualize what I was seeing.  His “literal” vantage point didn’t allow him to think or see outside the box

I think for the most part “life” is the same way.  We only see things from our limited perspective and viewpoint.  What is beautiful and endearing to one, is chaotic and a mess to someone else

I always loved Abstract artists like Kandinsky growing up, his work fascinated me from a very young age…I loved trying to see things from his viewpoint, what was going on in his mind when he created certain pieces


By Jordiventura96 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

I always felt I never fit ‘in the box’ whether it comes to life in general or to my artwork.

I prefer to think there is no box…One of my favorite sayings is


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