I am a Self-Taught & an Award Winning Artist, Designer, Writer, Poet, Lyricist / Songwriter, Photographer, and an awesome Cook (if I do say so myself) who loves everything Indie, music, fashion, going to the movies, the beach, going out to eat, a total foodie, a funny (just ask my kids) , old fashioned chick who grew up in a time (showing my age here) where men opened doors for everyone, kids gave up their seats on trains, children respected and feared their parents, or those in authority, sarcasm was the norm and there was never any ill intent behind  it, it was considered humor

I want to write what has in recent years been coined  a “Lifestyle”blog that covers all sorts of topics from food and fashion, travel to art, music, saving money, psychology, interesting people who inspire me, family & relationships, inspirational stuff and everything in between

You may read that and say I have no focus, that may be a fair assessment, but my life has been just as diverse as what i want to blog about and I have never been one to fit inside the box, quite the opposite in fact

I am fairly new to the Blogging World.  I have always loved writing and feel I have enough life experience, wit & tenacity to write a Blog that people might find useful, amusing or somewhere in between, amusingly helpful?

I post regularly on Pinterest and Twitter

I can do just about anything, with the exception of two things, I cannot drive while I am on on the phone, ( I was taught to pull over to the side of the road if you had to use the phone), I just don’t do it,  and I pretty much suck at taking selfies, my kids think it is hilarious









2Broke2Save is a Lifestyle Blog run by


KDArtStudio, an Independent Art & Craft Lifestyle Brand which incorporates everything from Art & Photography, to Music, Songwriting, Poetry, to Original Recipes, eBooks (coming later this year)  and Home Decor, Fashion, Jewelry, Greeting Cards, Baby Goods, Wedding Supplies and everything in between

Our Business Homepage is located at KDArtStudio.com

We run subsidiary Stores on Zazzle

Home Decor Store

Fashionably Chic

Wedding Stationery


Our Lifestyle Blog, Stores and Website are very much a work in progress

We do not have a large staff at the moment and are working around the clock (which doesn’t seem to have enough hours on it) to update and bring you the latest information, recipes and products we have available

It will be great when it’s all up and running and finished

In the meantime, we hope you find some blog posts you’ll find curiously interesting or amusing

We have a Twitter and Pinterest Account if you would like to follow us on social media



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