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If you were to look up  “Brassy” in the dictionary, I’m sure you would find a photo of my son

He is loud, determined, not afraid to speak his mind.  While it gets on my nerves more often than not, I am quite sure these are qualities he is going to be able to use well on into his adulthood. They are qualities that will no doubt take him far, especially as he has chosen to major in International Relations once he starts college in the fall

I was an extremely shy, a painfully shy child growing up, I hid behind my mother’s skirt, too nervous to ever look anyone in the eye, never spoke out of line or spoke unless I was spoken to first, (you’d never know it now), If there was a problem, we usually suffered in silence

Thankfully, I somehow managed to ‘find my voice’ lol….as I got older and now you can’t shut me up given the right audience or when I see some injustice happening or untruth being told, nothing raises my volume more than someone telling lies about me, I can’t stand it, and I won’t stand for it

I wonder where kids get their brazen attitudes from these days.  Seems most of the kids that live around here are, well, “brassy”, loud and outspoken, bordering on disrespectful and obnoxious

My son really is not like me, in fact, we are total opposites, yet I guess I have had to stand up and take charge of situations often enough that he may have learned traits and behaviors along the way from me that I am not proud of, with all the drama that’s gone on over the years, I seemed to have yelled far more about things during his childhood than I ever did with my first son, maybe by the time he came around, I’d just had enough, I don’t know, no excuses….

My kids are sadly growing up in a much more violent and volatile environment than I did, in society in general…there is drama on just about every street corner of the world going on around them, they have to fight harder to survive at school, they have to be louder and more outspoken to get their point of view across, and don’t even start with the haters on social media, only the strong are going to survive that one

I don’t need to hand out parenting advice to anyone, Lord knows I’ve made many mistakes along the way with my own kids, you live and learn, they didn’t come with a handbook and I was determined to give them a voice and let them be open-minded, unlike my upbringing, maybe I gave them too much freedom…. I sometimes wonder about that

Shy kids don’t stand much of a chance, I am seeing it more and more, everywhere I go

You sit quietly in line and wait patiently, it seems to get you nowhere, it’s always the loud obnoxious ones that create drama that cut the line and seem to get seen to first (mostly to shut them up and get them out of the way)……it’s just wrong

Being polite, quiet reserved & respectful are traits I wish more kids had, loud kids just seem to dominate every social situation and get ahead because they are more brazen than their counterparts

From politicians to celebrities, world leaders to comedians, to the every day citizen, it always seems to be the loudest ones that get the most attention, the ones that shut up and do their job, we seldom hear about

Is it merely a case of standing up for yourself or is it the attention seekers that seem to hold the power ?……I don’t know for sure

I know when I am quiet and play by the rules, it quite often gets me nowhere, especially when it comes to healthcare or even with problems I am having with customer service, they just don’t seem to take any notice of you and you don’t get results until you are yelling like a lunatic

Have we become so numb that obnoxiousness now is the norm?  I certainly hope not

You can call it being brazen, loud, brassy, whatever you like, when we were growing up, it was called being obnoxious and generally wasn’t tolerated in our community

I know I’m old fashioned, I’m okay with that label, it seemed to carry a lot more tolerance and respect for others

For the past year or so, I have deliberately dedicated my twitter feed to celebrating the quieter ones, the ones who do good works without asking for recognition, the good news stories we don’t seem to hear that much about in the media.

If we start to celebrate the less dominant folks, and stop giving all the attention to the loud ones, we might just see a shift in society for the better, and get more things done, and be more productive and be respectful of each other

It’s a shame the quiet achievers don’t seem to be recognized or celebrated nearly enough, maybe that needs to change a little

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