Flowers, Chocolate Cake & Uninvited Guests – Happy Mother’s Day

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Ok, so what I am about to write is going to sound totally whack, but this really happened to me today!

Friday my husband brought home a dozen long stem red roses, my fav, score!

Then Yesterday we went out for lunch, had a nice time, dropped my son off, went downtown & listened to a band at the Bistro, beautiful weather, gorgeous breeze, great relaxing afternoon, went home, got sushi on the way home for dinner, watched SNL with my son, went to bed, pretty good Mother’s Day Weekend so far

So this morning I woke up, Mothers Day, (my eldest son is travelling around Europe at the moment), he texted me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 Nice to wake up to, he was online, we chatted a bit. He was sitting at the same coffee shop in Edinburgh where JK Rowling penned Harry Potter, he was so happy, my heart was smiling, I was thrilled to bits he was there and that he was having this experience. I could feel how happy he was, I was so excited for him

So here is where it gets a little weird

Ok, I looked up online the coffee shop, “The Elephant House”, where he was, I saw the awesome Castle out the back of the coffee shop that you can see from the back window of the cafĂ©….they also had a live webcam but it was down, offline…


I sent him the pic of the castle to show him what I was talking about to see if he could see it from where he was sitting, but before sending it to him, I scrolled through my photo on my phone to see if it was a clear or blurry photo to send him and what I saw on my phone photo scroll totally freaked me out

The last photos I had taken on my phone was of him leaving for his trip, then in between that photo of my son leaving and the castle photo at the café was THIS:

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

I do not know these people! I have no clue who they are or how they got on my phone.  I looked at the time stamp – Thurs May 11, 2017 1:00 am in the morning and no location, every other photo has the location, date & time

I am 99.9999% sure I was at home in my bed sound asleep 1am Thurs!!! Well 100% sure I was home in bed, almost positively certain I was asleep

All week I hadn’t slept well because I am going to physio 3 times a week for my back, I knew I didn’t have to get up early for physio so it was the first really good nights sleep I had had in about 2-3 weeks

This photo totally freaked me out

It seriously got on my phone while I was asleep

And the other thing is, every night before I go to sleep, I shut down my laptop and all the tabs and it is closed until I start working on it the next day

I did a reverse image Tineye search, nothing came up

It was a clear photo, not a photo from a computer screen, and  it wasn’t a screen grab (which I didn’t know how to do on my phone anyway) …it would have shown the news article the photo was with and had text/print around it if it was a screen grab, it would not have been a stand alone photo

My son suggested I do a google image search, and sure enough, there was a story about this family linking to this article:

I have never read this story or ever logged onto that website before

So no one knew how it got there…just bizarre….but that’s not the end of the voodoo story

Talk about uninvited Mothers Day guests ! creepy!

It totally baffled me, I have no clue how it got on there, I would have had to power up my laptop, open the page, pick up my phone in my sleep, press buttons to take a screen grab of my laptop (which was SHUT the whole time), all in my sleep, …??? excuse my language but WTF!!!

We all got ready to go our for Mothers Day brunch, on the way to lunch was a blue cavalier in front of us, (same as my car that I loved that I adored & desperately miss, that was written off in a car accident, the reason I need physio 6mths later) and then a red sonic (same as my eldest sons car who is in Europe) went past the cavalier…ok…coincidence…whatever

We went to lunch at the Marriott downtown, I was mucking around with my younger son taking silly photos of each other, he was taking photos of me taking a photo of him..

I scrolled back through the photos we took and saw the creepy family and went to delete it, THERE WAS NO DELETE button/option like there normally is on photos and like there was on every other photo on my camera, the delete button showed up for every other photo except that one, so I couldn’t delete it

So we get home from lunch, my husband presented me with a chocolate cake


We went and got changed, I checked emails, and my eldest son had replied, so I sent him a few more messages and uploaded lunch photos to facebook to share with my family back home, the photo of the odd family that I couldn’t delete at lunch time, was GONE, no trace of it on my phone and the photo number between my son leaving and the castle was missing, it was as if it never happened, no trace of the family in the photo

While we were driving home from lunch, it was erased from my phone, my phone was in my handbag

You tell me….??

So when I saw the daily prompt for today was Hospitality, I chuckled to myself, I am usually a very hospitable person, but today my uninvited Mothers Day guests weren’t welcome in my home

I still don’t get it, any of it

Welcome to my crazy life!

and you’ll laugh, the second I hit ‘Publish’ to post this live, my internet went offline…


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