6 Foods that cause Inflammation


1. Fried Food

It’s not so much the food itself, well, kind of, but it’s more the temperature at which most foods are fried

If battered food is fried between 350-375F, the food forms Glycation which causes the inflammation

Your body perceives these foods as a threat and begins the inflammation response in your body



2. Trans Fats

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn, soy and canola oil are the main culprits, avoid them at all costs

Trans fats damage the cells that line our blood vessels which lead to a chain reaction, causing inflammation

Stricter Health & Medical Guidelines have been tougher on these in recent years and have been a big part of changes in the food industry and especially food labelling



3. White Starches / Carbs

White Bread, Pasta, Rice all contain starchy carbs that your body immediately converts to sugar which increases inflammation in your body

The easy solution is to switch to whole wheat varieties of Bread and Pasta and eat Brown Rice, it makes a big difference in how your body processes food and they are rich in dietary fiber that is great for your body, regularity and even weight loss.  You can hardly taste the difference



4. Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits are extremely high in fructose (sugar) and Sugar is one of the main things that causes your body to trigger inflammation responses.  Bananas, oranges, mangoes, papayas, and pineapples should be limited to one serving per week



5. Grain Fed Meat

Animals fed grains are pumped full of antibiotics and hormonal drugs and are not a healthy food choice.  Meat from these animals especially red meat, beef etc causes an unnatural reaction in your body and the way your body fights this is to produce a defense mechanism that triggers inflammation.  Simply put, your body doesn’t know how to break these foreign food bodies down



6. Sugar

Sugar is not in it’s natural state by the time it reaches your shopping cart.  It has been refined, and any goodness it once had in it’s raw state, has been stripped out of it

It is a huge factor when it comes to inflammation

If you just eliminate this one thing from your diet you will reduce inflammation in your whole body in a few short weeks



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