4 Ways to Make Money

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There are many different ways to make money these days, some conventional, others, not so much…

1. Selling your hair

falls into the latter category and depending on how you look at it, the very idea will either make you smile or gross you out

I love the idea of it, you would be helping people who make wigs & hair extensions from human hair, many of them for charity for children and women with cancer or hair loss, a very noble idea

Locks for love & Pantene Beautiful Lengths are two such organizations, you may even score a free hair cut but they won’t pay you cash

The part that grosses me out is that it is HUMAN HAIR not attached to someone’s head, and I like many others am squeamish with stuff like that

Believe it or not, there is a big market for long, untreated “virgin’ human hair and some sellers (not the charity ones, but wig manufacturers) are willing to pay big bucks ($700-1500) for it, that would be a nice chunk of change wouldn’t it ?

So here’s (or should I say hairs?) the deal:

  • Must be more than 20″ long
  • not dyed
  • not treated, bleached or permed
  • not over treated with hairdryers, curling wands or heat irons
  • You must be a non=smoker
  • they prefer thick hair
  • they don’t like you washing it daily = split ends and dulls your hair

There are online websites you can list your hair on



  • research other sellers listings first
  • Take several photos, not revealing your identity
  • don’t give out your address or personal details in listing
  • List your asking price
  • describe color, length,texture – thick, straight, curly
  • Mention what hair products you use
  • any treatments you have had
  • how often it is blow dryed
  • ask for paypal
  • use delivery confirmation
  • pay insurance on your parcel
  • treat it as you would an ebay listing
  • check listing, selling fees ahead of time


2. Sell Blood Plasma:

Always in demand, you never know when or where you or a family member may need it, a nice way to “give back”

Depending on the blood bank, you could get around $35



3. Egg Donations:

Healthy women can earn $3k-$10k for donating their eggs, the selection criteria is pretty strict, it’s time consuming, you may experience some pain or discomfort, you may need injections to make egg retreval easier






4. Sperm Donations:

Made famous by Hollywood, I don’t know that much about it, except I believe there are sperm banks still around

You may be helping a couple who desperately want kids have the family they have always dreamed of

I am sure there are other ways to make money, but these are legal and legitimate



The links used in this post are Informational only & not linked to any Affilliate.  I do not receive any compensation from this post


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