9 Things to Buy in April

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While many are paying off the last of their Christmas Shopping, others are planning how to spend their tax refunds. Another month has just flown by, it will be Easter before we know it

There are still some great opportunities to maximize your spending in April

1. Cookware

Home-goods, Dishes, Cookware all go on sale in April

2. Travel

Mid April,  deals on flights for July and August

TIP: The time of day of the flight also affects the price

You are better off looking for fares from Tuesday through Thursday with a departure time of 3-4 p.m. eastern standard time. Booking mid-week flights will save you money

3. Shoes

Retailers offer big discounts in spring on Shoes

They are looking to clear out old stock to make room for their new season designs

4. Vacuums

Spring Cleaning?

Many stores cash in on marketing with discounts on  vacuum cleaners in April

New models are released around June each year, so they need to get rid of older models

5. Home Improvement

Spring and Summer brings warmer weather and outdoor Home Improvement Projects

Many consumers are getting their tax refunds in April and retailers are more than happy to help you spend it

Many stores offer low or interest, or interest-free financing for bigger tools, appliances  & accessories for those big home improvement projects

6. Wedding and Graduation Gifts

People are starting to think about graduation parties and weddings

Retailers discount small kitchen appliances, china and cookware

7. Clothing

Retailers are seasons ahead of consumers

Most spring clothing has already been on the racks for a couple of months, so they heavily discount clothing, clearing out old inventory to make room for summer apparel

8. Grills

Spring is the start of outdoor grilling & bbqs

If you need a new grill or outdoor furniture, you’ll find good prices in April

TIP: If you can wait a few months, you may find better deals at the end of summer

9. Electronics

Kids getting ready for fall college intake, tax payers getting their refunds, others looking for Graduation presents

It’s a great time to get discounts on electronics, Big Screen TVs and Tablets

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