RECIPE: Greek Bruschetta

Super Easy Appetizer, Great Finger Food for any Birthday or Football Party

Credit: An Original Recipe by KDArtStudio©2017


  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Feta Cheese Crumbles
  • Parsley Flakes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Glaze

Wonton Chips (or tortilla)


  1. Cut Tomatoes in half
  2. Pit & Cut Kalamata Olives into 1/4’s
  3. Mix together
  4. Drizzle with Olive Oil
  5. Drizzle with Balsamic Glaze
  6. Crumble Feta Cheese Over the top
  7. Sprinkle Parsley Flakes on top

Serve with our Wonton Chips

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