When we Ruminate,  we obsess over a thought, a problem, a tragic event or life trauma and regurgitate it over and over again often with a fixation of the problem or event, rather than being able to focus on a positive outcome or solution

We fall into an emotional pit that is often hard to climb out of

When we fixate on the one thing, we are unable to see past it which can often lead to depression, post traumatic stress and other debilitating illnesses

It is not good to constantly dwell on problems, those who ruminate often see the glass as always being half empty, while all those cheery people around us who don’t seem to understand our plight, always see the glass as being half full

Both in essence maybe missing the point, the glass is refillable

When you adopt a negative ‘why me’ attitude it can be hard to ever break free from the emotional chains that bind you and most often we are the very ones locking ourselves off from the world around us

One thing I have learned over many years of heartache and misfortune, is that you have to help yourself…no one can fix your problems for you and stewing over them over and over again is a waste of time and energy, it wears you down physically and mentally

Many become prisoners of their own mindset, but what they don’t realize is they hold the key to their emotional freedom

When you see the big picture, that in 50 or a hundred years, none of what you are going through now is really going to matter very much to anyone, you realize whatever you are experiencing is a temporary drop in the ocean

Why waste precious time being suck in the past?  You can’t change the past, you can only change how you react to it

You can choose to let it beat you or choose to do something positive and constructive toward moving on from it

I am not saying don’t feel sad, angry, mad…in their own time and place they are normal healthy reactions.  It is healthy to grieve for someone we love or be heartbroken if we experience life events or trauma, but it is not healthy to refuse to budge from that state or place in our lives

I am a big believer in most things happening for a reason, even though we can’t see it at the time

There is usually a lesson we need to learn from the experience we are going through, maybe that lesson is to realize your own strength and resilience, maybe it’s to empower you to help others, maybe it’s to teach you perseverance or patience or self-love or forgiveness

I have also learned and truly believe we have the answer inside of us to whatever problem or dilemma we are facing, sometimes we are not looking deep enough or in the right direction to find the soul-searching answers we so desperately seek externally

Talking with friends / family is a start, or a health professional if you need to, there is no shame in saying you need help with something

When I get so overwhelmed now and stressed out so much I feel like I can’t breathe, sometimes I delegate and give it to God to deal with.  I know people have varying religions and some don’t believe in God at all, I just know that I can’t carry the burden any longer and usually if I surrender it, my load lifted just became a whole lot lighter and easier to deal with.  Sometimes I have had situations where I just say “I can’t”… deal with it….obsess over it….and it’s ok to acknowledge that too

When I have passed things ‘upstairs’, surprisingly enough, things seem to fall into place

I just know I personally cannot carry the load one day, one hour, one moment longer

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