Attack of the Birds


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Usually when we think of ‘swarm’ we don’t gravitate toward Birds, that would be a flock

A Swarm of Bees, a swarm of ants, wasps maybe…a swarm of ideas and innovation

The first thing that came to my mind was the crazy birds at the beach on the Gulf Shores

What started off as a nice winter day at the beach, ended with people being swooped down on and attacked by what can only be described as a swarm of birds

We were getting ready to leave the beach, it was dusk, right around sunset, the next thing we knew, a swarm of birds, no not a flock, that would be too kind, they were vicious birds, descended upon a group of beach-goers not far from where we were sitting. They kept ‘attacking’ these people, circling above them and swooping down on top of them



© 2017 KDArtStudio


It was one of the oddest things I had seen, like something you’d expect out of a Hitchcock movie “Attack of the Killer Birds”, (I know, it was called “BIRDS”) but funnily enough not the strangest, that would come a few years later, and again with the birds…

Every year birds migrate to the south in the winter and then return home once the weather gets warmer.  It’s not uncommon to see thousands of birds flying overhead when driving through Alabama in winter, now that’s a swarm !

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