A Crazy Good Match!

a good match.png


A Good Match

Sometimes mistakes make the best culinary flavors

I was on vacation at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water.  My food arrived and one of the side items was mashed potato

I was drinking Diet Coke and like Lemon in my drink sometimes

As i was squeezing my lemon juice into my glass, the lemon spurted all over my mashed potato, totally missing the glass.  I thought it was ruined, I tasted the mashed potato on the edge of my fork expecting it to be sour and unpleasant, to my surprise, it tasted awesome! I mixed the lemon juice in with the mashed potato and asked for more lemons, I squeezed more juice over the mashed potato and folded it in, it was delicious!

At thanksgiving, I added lemon juice and everyone raved over the mashed potatoes and wanted to know what I had done to them

I always knew a squeeze of lemon juice on pasta elevated the taste of alfredo, scampi, white wine sauce etc, but who would have thought mashed potato goes so well with lemon juice?



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