Psychology of Color: Pink



Pink is associated with romance and femininity, compassion and love

People who favor the color pink are often compassionate and nurturing and excited for others success.  They are generally easygoing and approachable, kind and sociable.  They are smart and witty, have a good sense of humor, are peaceful, calm and harmonious

Being a combination of red and white, those who love pink have the driven action to succeed of red and the insight of white. The white element calms down the fiery passionate red element, which creates gentle loving energy

Pink is intuitive and insightful, tender and kind and shows empathy and sensitivity

Pink is a symbol of hope and carries a sense that everything will work out

It is a calming and reassuring, non-threatening color.  It often seeks recognition, thanks and appreciation, respect and admiration

Pink can symbolize health and innocence

Pink is used in many charities as a major component of their marketing program to relay a sense of caring and compassion, warmth and hope

Beauty salons, fashion businesses and cosmeticians all use pink to entice women to use their products

Candy stores often use pink to entice children to buy sweets as the color relates to childhood innocence



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