Psychology of Color: Black




Black is sometimes given a bad wrap and has a lot of negativity associated with it because it represents the mysterious, hidden, aggressive side of life.  It has been associated with death, depression, black cats, witchcraft and dark mood disorders.  Yet this is not the only characteristic of the color Black

In the right context Black can also be representative of  dignity, elegance and sophistication, such as in the case of formal wear “the little black dress” , “black tie” events

People who favor black see themselves as conventional, conservative and serious

It represents protection and confidence, control and dominance, affluence and success.

It is sometimes submissive which is why clergy, chauffeurs, butlers and housemaids wear it

Used correctly it can invoke intrigue and mystery

It can be a sign of being strong-willed, independent, disciplined, confident and in charge

Teenagers dressed all in black often symbolize the end of their childhood and the need to take control of their life. They are often secretive and keep their emotions hidden from the world. It is a form of self protection keeping a barrier between themselves and the outside world, hiding their vulnerabilities, insecurities or lack of confidence

Black can made a room look more confined, it should never be used in a small room

A lot of salesmen used to wear black to invoke fear and intimidation, yet those who do, seldom have a lot of friends as they can be seen to be too ruthless, unfriendly and unapproachable.  It can create fear and because of this element, doesn’t promote good communication with others

I don’t know about you, but I am not about to buy anything from someone who feels threatening or intimidating to me…lol

Some people say you should carry something black with you for protection if you are travelling or away from home to keep you safe from harm

In fashion, art and photography, black can be quite dramatic and draw you in because it is so intriguing

Black can be used well in business to promote luxury and sophistication such as with high end luxury cars, jewelry, perfume, apparel.  It can be perceived to be of better value if something is wrapped in black or in a black box

It is often used in products geared toward 18-25 year olds because it appeals to their sense of rebellion



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