via Daily Prompt: Juicy

‘Juicy’ is one of those odd words like ‘moist’ or ‘succulent’ that makes me cringe a little… it sounds disgusting even though it’s not.  It conjures up images of late night comics or SNL skits

“Juicy Gossip” is usually lurid and scandalous, ‘juicy returns’ on investments promise a lucrative profit, yet it is funny to me that we associate the word ‘Juicy’ to these terms and phrases, I just don’t like the word unless you are describing citrus fruit containing a lot of juice…and even then, not a word I would use

For fun I looked up the word ‘Juicy’ in the dictionary and the examples they gave were:

  1. The meat is tender and juicy.

  2. a juicy bit of news

  3. I want to know all the juicy details.

  4. She sued her former boss and won a juicy settlement in court

I just don’t talk like that, nor do I hang around anyone who uses that word in their vocabulary

I guess to me (& my immature mind maybe) it has sexual innuendo

It depends who you hang around and how you were brought up, it is not something I would say to anyone, or ever use to describe anything

Good for a laugh, not so much for serious conversation

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