Psychology of Color: White



White has long been associated with Purity, Weddings, Wholesomeness, but did you know the color white also is symbolic of protection and safety?

When we see big White fluffy clouds, we think of Heaven, white foamy waves at the beach bring a sense of peace and calmness

It also brings encouragement, offers a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope, and helps to alleviate emotional upsets

It creates a sense of order and efficiency, is clean and clinical.  It implies honesty, purity and is highly ethical, this is why it is used in hospitals, doctors and dentists offices.

It can greatly enhance the perspective of space, making a room feel bigger than it actually is, just as dark colors make space feel smaller and more confined

However, too much white can make a room feel sterile, isolated and ’empty’

White can be symbolic of perfection, elegance and sophistication, yet too much white can make you seem aloof and unfriendly

It is often associated with simplicity

It is neutral, neither positive nor negative, and contains an equal balance of all colors.

A white picket fence = promotes the idea of a safe and happy home

A white Doctor’s office promotes cleanliness and a sterile, safe, honesty and ethical environment

Brides wear white to imply purity

White roses at a funeral are meant to imply great honor and respect

White flags are raised as a truce in battle

The color White is often associated with a ‘clean slate’ or fresh new beginning without imperfections




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