To the Moon & Back


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Against the Odds

Unless you are flying around outer space in a space ship, taking photos of the moon are virtually impossible…or are they?

If you see the moon in a clear sky, the sheer distance between the moon and Earth make it impossible to take a great photo of it.  It can look big and bright in the sky in front of you and you can zoom in on your camera, but it still shows up as a white circular speck of light, almost impossible to see at all

When my boys were little they loved science and astronomy, so we bought a very simple telescope one year for my son’s birthday (and for fun had a star named after them, yep, we were one of ‘those’ parents)

The boys looked through the telescope occasionally, but once they saw the sky up close a few times, they kind of lost interest in it.  They put it in their room, like most other things and forgot about it

One evening we had a big full moon and (being the curious photographer I was) I was determined to figure out a way to get a better photo of it

I dragged out the boys telescope that was buried & discarded in their room and started playing around with my camera and the telescope out the back

I found a way to magnify the image in the lens of the telescope and using the zoom on my camera and blocking out all the surrounding light, I was able to get some pretty decent pictures of the moon

To this day, they are some of my favorite photos

I later had the pleasure to ‘tweet’ with a real life astronaut who was on a space mission flying around outer space at the time, that was another ‘once in a lifetime’ :))

The boys ended up breaking their telescope so I am thrilled to still have these photos


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