Grandma’s spare bedroom


I can’t tell you how excited I was that today’s daily prompt was  Craft

I need to take this one quite literally because

Craft is a Dying Art

When we were little, our Grandma taught us how to knit, she had a spare room in her house full of craft things, boxes of yarn and nylon – she used to make toilet roll doll covers with.  She used old greeting cards to make fans from



It was like Christmas going through her boxes picking out something special to make

We were so excited to have something to occupy our time with in the school holidays

We were always making something


We didn’t have a tv growing up and we amused ourselves by making things

I remember knitting a cable sweater that I was smitten with and another fairisle one with a snow pattern, I was so proud of it, that I had made my own clothes to wear


My mother was also a great seamstress and made all of our clothes, she sewed our school uniforms (I don’t know that I would have been that dedicated lol), she made our church clothes and our special Maxi skirts for our birthdays.  We sang in the church choir and had a big concert every year, we got a brand new special dress made just for this occasion and were allowed to select the fabric.  My favorite childhood memories as far as clothes go were things that my mother made

Our next door neighbor was an older lady (who kept all our balls that went over the fence) taught us how to crochet on her back verandah while we ate fig newton’s or as we called them ‘fruit pillows’

We made heaps of crochet blankets, and patchwork blankets, I have no clue what happened to them all


At school we did string art, leather work, pottery, cooking, sewing, macramé, crystal art, stained glass, beadwork


spindle knitting



We had a hobby craft store we decorated pillows with hobby paint

In later years, we learned to do embroidery


and decorated t-shirts with puff paint

We did rubber stamp art and made Greeting Cards, Christmas decorations, candles, soaps, there was nothing we couldn’t make

I made my own clothes when I started working and earrings and jewelry and baby clothes for my boys which lasted them ten years or more before they showed any sign of wear

My first born was allergic to everything he touched, I had to make everything from scratch, his soaps, shampoos, clothes, food etc if I had not had the years of training in arts and crafts, I would not have coped

I am so thrilled Etsy came along and highlighted many of these dying art & crafts

Everything is so disposable now and cheaply made and nothing seems to last

I hope the craft trend continues for many generations, not only was it fun to make things, it was quality time spent from one generation teaching another

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