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via Daily Prompt: Resist

There is a lot of division in the country at the moment

People fear change, they resist it and fight it when they feel threatened or unsafe, yet without change, everything remains the same.

I think the reason for this is because we didn’t initiate the change, thus we feel we have lost the power to control the situation. Change is easier to deal with when it is something we have chosen, rather than something that we feel has been thrust upon us.

One thing I know for sure, change is inevitable. Some change is necessary if we are to grow, to improve our situation or to move forward, for without it we stagnate and die

It is important that regardless of your viewpoint or stance, your ideologies or political persuasion, we all respect each other, we respect others opinions and  their right to have a different opinion.  We need to respect everyone has a right to live in a country free of violence, free of hatred, free of bias and discrimination

Yes, we are passionate about our viewpoint, and it’s easy to get heated and lose our temper with people who do not agree with us, but we MUST RESIST the urge to become violent. Our lives and safety depend on it, we must retain law and order.

We must live with non-violence and to do that, we must love our adversaries as well as those who agree with us. Hatred is a form of violence.

There are things within our control and some that are not.  We can be dignified in our response to those who don’t agree with us.  We can be loving toward those who challenge us and our beliefs

We can’t change the behavior of others, we can control how we react to them.  It is challenging to maintain decorum and dignity when others are abhorrent toward us.

We often hear “Lower your voice and improve your argument”, if we all adopted this philosophy, we would be a much more harmonious society

When we engage in meaningful dialogue, we remove the ‘noise’ (and the violence) and people are more likely to listen to us and more importantly ‘hear’ what we are trying to say.  No one is going to listen to someone that is yelling or being obnoxious

We have to meet people at their own level, listen to their point of view and provide meaningful dialogue to get our viewpoint across, offer compromise and solutions. We must address our fears rationally and logically.  We must assess the end result of change, not just look at the short term disruption.  Temporary changes may be necessary to be able to move forward and create a safer, more prosperous society for all.

When we resist the urge to respond with violence, we take power away from those we feel want to harm us, this works with relationships, with family, with society.

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