10 Things to Buy in February

buy february

There are certain times of the year items go on sale. If you know the best items to buy each month, you can save yourself a lot of money

In February, everyone is thinking Superbowl, sick of the cold weather and looking forward to Spring and warmer weather

It is a great time to buy

  1. Boats as this is the start of The Boat Show Season
  2. Bicycles are also cheaper because the weather is warming up and retailers need space to make room for outdoor patio furniture
  3. Airconditioners are also on Sale as the weather is warming up and people are looking ahead to getting ready for spring/summer
  4. Gardening Tools
  5. Gas Grills
  6. Broadway Tickets, it’s off season
  7. Cell phones, quite often retailers cash in on Buy one for you and one for your Valentine and offer two for one offers to make room for newer models
  8. Mattresses
  9. HDTVs and Home Theatres
  10. Furniture
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