Scented Memories

Scent.pngvia Scent

I love how a single scent can transport you back in time, the smell of frangipani’s climbing around the back railing as we raced inside for dinner.  The smell of menthol cigarettes makes me remember my first teenage crush every time I smell them or walk past a stranger smoking them.  The smell of my mother’s crispy pork splattering in the fry pan meant we were having homemade Chinese for dinner, YUM !!! The smell of Aramis for Men wafting down the hallway from the bathroom meant dad was going out somewhere, I always loved the smell of it, my mother hated it…I wonder now if she hated it because she was home with six kids and he was going out without her ?

My favorite perfume was/is Byzance, they don’t make it anymore, I bought a copycat version recently from a perfumery that promised to match any scent, it wasn’t the same

I am in my deliriously ‘happy place’ now every time I smell Chinese cooking in a restaurant

The scent of eau de toilette makes my stomach turn, it reminds me of the old ladies and men in the nursing home yelling out at us across the hallway when we went to visit my grandmother

I can’t stand the smell of popcorn, I don’t know why, it makes me queasy in the stomach

It is funny how a scent wafting through the air can trigger so many childhood memories, long forgotten, yet intriguing to know they still reside somewhere in the recesses of my mind

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