Ring around the mulberry bush

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  • 365 Days of Writing Prompts

January 28

  • Ode to a playground
  • A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed
  • Write it a memorial


We climbed through the neighbors fence to get to you
giggling all the way

Swinging around the mulberry bush
on a warm summer's day
Sampling your awesome fruit
your purple hue
gave us away

dangling downtempting usbegging us

just one bite
no one will knowso inviting
we couldn't say no

it was worth lying 
to our mother about

of course she knew
our faces were purple
you betrayed us

We spent many hours together running and spinning and running some morespinning until we were so giddy we had to sit down
oh what fun we hadwe were spinning out of control



I won't be sad to see you go, hot metal, 
skin burning, summer slippery slide





I remember when they replaced your old wooden seats 
with the new rubber ones that stuck to our skin in summer

flying through the air
it felt like we had wings





If only we could turn back time
to those carefree days
swinging so high
we were so sure
 we were going to touch the sky

then we got so high 
we had to slow down
to jump off and try to avoid
the mud pit underneath

I wish my kids
could have met you
you were gone
before they came
they were left with metal boxes
'playing' was never the same again


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