Successful: Daily Prompt


Successful – Daily Prompt


What does it mean to be successful?

A lot of people think being successful directly relates to money or education

I don’t think you have to have a lot of money or need to have gone to college to be a successful person

What good is “success” if you are at the office 18 hours a day and your kids don’t get to see you?  How successful are you really if you are a ruthless business person, top of your game if no one likes you or wants to be around you?

I personally believe success has more to do with your character and the type of person you are… how you treat others, how you treat someone that can’t do anything for you.  How  you treat the wait staff in a restaurant.  How close your relationships are. How good a parent, a spouse, a friend you are

I do not believe you can ever be truly successful if you are a jerk of a person, it doesn’t matter how good you are at your job, or how many letters you have after your name or how much money you have in your bank account.

Successful people are kind and loving and help others.  They have respect for everyone.  They don’t put themselves above others.  They are generous to strangers and have meaningful relationships at home.  Successful people are compassionate towards people and animals, they take care of the environment and have a heart of gratitude

Successful people have an open heart, they are confident and are not fearful. They have integrity and humility.

Successful people listen without interrupting because they want to learn not just to respond. They are generous with their time.  They are honest and trustworthy. They understand that it is their behavior  rather than their beliefs that make them a better person

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