Exposure – Windows to our Soul



Exposure – Daily Prompt

There is an old  saying  “Our eyes are the windows to our soul”

I am not sure who wrote this, but as I looked at today’s daily prompt, “Exposure”, it made me think back to this saying

I have recently started this blog, exposing my thoughts and feelings to an unknown audience, unsure of how any of it will be received.

I used to wonder what it was that drove bloggers to allow themselves to become so vulnerable in such an open forum

It takes guts to put yourself out there, to expose yourself to strangers

The more you post, the more exposure you get, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the scrutiny that such exposure would bring

I wonder if I am doing myself a dis-service becoming so public, I don’t take criticism well…lol…but my driving force behind my posts is to ultimately help people

I could write about one innate subject like food or fashion and not have to reveal too much about myself to anyone, but I chose to go deeper and not just write about ‘fair weather’ topics, surface level issues, because there are so many things people don’t feel comfortable talking about and those are the subjects that we need to talk about the most

Subjects like death, depression, mental health, relationships, marriage, coping in a crazy world…

I hope that we can shine a light on these subjects and open up a discussion about them in order to help someone in their daily struggle with these real life events



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