Regrow your Vegetables

Regrow Vegies.png

Don’t throw away your Vegetable ends !
Re-grow them hydroponically
Place Green onion ends, celery, lettuce
in a dish or jar with tall sides and fill with
an inch or two of water,
within a week they will start to regrow
You will have Green Onions again in a week
$$cha ching, you just saved $1.30
These can be regrown about 3-4 times before they get too mangy
if you aren’t transplanting them in soil
 You just saved around $5 this month
You can repeat this process several times over
I refill my water once a week
Once a month I wash out the containers and
replace the water with clean water
Keep Fresh Herbs year round
A lot of herbs don’t survive the winter outside
but do better on a warm windowsill
Basil, parsley, chives don’t do as well in the winter months
I also place my store bought herbs in a shallow dish
in my sunny kitchen planter window and water them once a week
HINT: Water the bottom of the dish, not the top of the plant
and they regrow year round
I have regrown:
The more delicate herbs
like basil mint & parsley
I replace a couple times a year
with a new batch from Publix
but on the whole they last me
around 4 months
They are protected from the elements, bugs  & insects
(and the neighbors dog/cat)
And are organic and tasty in your favorite dishes
You can move them around in winter or summer if they
need more sun or shade
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