Hangover Cures


No I don’t condone getting drunk just for the heck of it, but I am not against going out and having a good time either

I believe everything in moderation is ok

In my younger days when I first started working, we worked across the road from a pub and would go there every Friday and “tie one on” till the early hours of the morning, often going on pub crawls… they were fun, reckless days of the 80’s, in my early twenties, pre-cell phones and pre-kids

I don’t drink very much at all since I have had my kids 23 years ago, maybe two or three drinks, two times or three times a year.  I do enjoy the taste of alcohol, I love red wine and bourbon & coke.

I have had my share of hangovers in my day


There were only ever two remedies that ever worked for me, a Big Mac was one, it worked every time, it probably soaked up all the alcohol, not really sure, I just know it worked (Get a SOBER friend to drive you to Maccas)

The other was on the night you went out, to drink a full bottle of water for every beverage you consume.  I didn’t find this out for many years later, wish I had known it earlier. The water replaces cells depleted by the alcohol and often when you drink you become dehydrated quickly, the water replaces fluid lost

I will never ever get behind the wheel of a car if I drink alcohol, not even if I have only had one drink, (which is well below the driving limit), I just find it selfish and irresponsible, I won’t do it – If I am drinking, I am not driving!

I also won’t consume alcohol if taking prescription medicine, it’s just trouble

Do NOT drink and drive, but if you find yourself prepared ahead of time, you can avoid nasty hangovers


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