Selling Clothes

Selling clothing.pngOver the years we accumulate so much ‘Stuff’.  We outgrow our clothes, personal styles change, we can no longer fit into our skinny (or fat) clothes.  Clothes that fit the kids last year, no longer fit them

There are a few options out there if you want to make some spare change from clothing you no longer need or your family has outgrown

Charitable Donations:

I prefer this now over garage sales and Ebay if I don’t need cash for a specific purpose

You should make a list or take photos of items you are donating, bundle them up, give them to charity, some local charities will even pick them up for free, they give you a receipt and you can claim it back on your taxes as a charitable donation

The downside is, you won’t get cash for them

Plus side is you are helping those less fortunate than you and you don’t have to pay as much in taxes

You are clearing out clutter you no longer need and freeing up space you didn’t have before

Garage Sales & Flea Markets:

This can be fun if you are active, have free time, lots of energy and a helper or two


  • You can make decent money on a good day
  • meet new people


  • You can waste time for a few dollars on a slow day
  • The sizes you have might not fit everyone
  • It is extremely time consuming
  • It takes time to Price items
  • You need tables, clothing racks, boxes, so buyers can see what you have
  • Setting up, closing down at the end of the day
  • Your day off / weekend is gone
  • You need to get a council permit
  • You will need change from the bank
  • You need advertising & Signs
  • You will be haggling over prices
  • Bathroom breaks are determined by traffic flow and how much help you have
  • you could get rained out if weather turns bad

Some people enjoy having yard sales or setting up a stall at the local flea markets, I personally like shopping at them, and loved them when I was younger, but I don’t have the time, energy or health now to sell at them


Craig’s List or Classifieds:

You need to advertise, wait for strangers to come to your home who may or may not show up or have the right payment

Ebay, Amazon & Etsy (for vintage)

  • Set up a seller account
  • Take clear photos in good lighting
  • check competitor prices on similar items
  • list them
  • write proper descriptions
  • wait for buyers
  • deal with customers
  • wait for payment
  • pack the item securely
  • ship the item
  • provide feedback

Selling to consignment stores

  • ThredUp
  • BuffaloExchange
  • ClothesMentor
  • Plato’s Closet
  • PlanetXchange
  • Onceuponachild
  • MotherhoodCloset
  • Grailed
  • tradesy
  • TheRealReal
  • MaterialWorld

are a few names being thrown around online that take clothing to resell

They may only take certain items or brands

Clothes need to be in excellent condition

Sometimes they are selective in sizes they will take

It could take a while to be paid if they pay on their next billing cycle, which could be 30 days

Some offer free shipping, some do not


  • They list, photograph, advertise for you
  • Higher exposure
  • They deal with customers
  • They do a lot of the work for you


  • check their Fees first
  • They usually take 30% sale price
  • Slow payment or may only offer a store credit
  • Items can sit there unsold for a long time
  • Competition with other sellers
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